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Good day! (For Once...)

Yeah! I actually had a good day today!

I woke up earlier than usual, so I didn't have to rush to get out the door.

Then, we had the reading part of the SAT 10 testing, so I missed band and geography. The testing was really easy, we didn't do anything in science, and I didn't have my Practice Journal signed, so it was good we missed band. And I really didn't feel like going to Geography.

Then, lunch was something edible (can't remember what), and relatively uneventful.

I can't remember what we did in English, but it was OK.

In math (yes, something GOOD actually happened in BB's class), WE GOT M&Ms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wheeee!!! (We were doing a math problem that talked about them, and BB gave each group a package to share.)

In French, we started watching L'Opus de M. Holland (Mr. Holland's Opus), and for the worksheet, we only had to answer questions, not fill out vocab as we watched it!

In art, Mary-L and I (OK, mostly me) FINALLY got the sewing machine working for us.

When I got home, I walked Mellie (which wasn't too bad—the weather was nice), and then I read TIN-Y GOODNESS!!!! YAY!!!!

And now I is typing this.

Ta, purple-eyed creatures.



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