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Sorry This Journal Is Nothing But A Repository Of Exchange Letters But Also: Hello, Wayback Exchange

I am so excited about this! I love multifanwork exchanges, woo!! I'm sorry in advance, this is going to be Many Words, feel free to only pay attention to the ones that are relevant to what you plan on making me /o\


As long as you generally go by my likes/dislikes below, and like, use spell check, I'm pretty easy to please here :) HOORAY NEW FIC \o/

YAY PODFIC I LOVE PODFIC! Feel free to go wild with music, SFX, multivoice, etc.—I love experimental shit! I'm def open to oral not!fic, too, if you're into that, and aren't finding a fic that jives with both your preferences & mine. I also love more traditional podfic, so don't feel any pressure, just go with your heart :)

So, I've actually got some lyrical processing issues; I don't tend to hear 80-90% of individual lyrics when I listen to a song—the lyrics are more like another instrument in the music to me, unless I already know what they are. (Musical theater tends to be much easier for me to process. Rap tends to be much harder.) This leads to two things: one, if your vid concept is relying super heavily on the specific lyrics of the song to do the heavy lifting in getting your point across, unless I happen to already be really familiar with the song, it's probably not going to make a lot of sense to me (a lyrics link/transcription is much appreciated!); and two, I'm pretty sensitive to a "tonal mismatch" between the music and the source/message (unless that's specifically intentional and part of the statement the vid is making, in which case, carry on!) The latter generally only happens when the former is going on, but I figured I'd mention both, because this is one of the few things that will genuinely "throw me out" of a vid. (I also want to say that this is only a very small percentage of vids, so I wouldn't stress about it TOO much.)

Beyond that, I'm pretty open to most any kind of music. My "pop music" (and I use the phrase "pop music" here the way my mother does, to mean anything that is not classical or musical theater—which is what I grew up on) knowledge is utterly woeful, and so I enjoy being introduced to new music through vids! I also totally dig vids to really popular songs that I already know (as stated above, it means I'll probably already know the lyrics!) Instrumental is cool too! Basically, don't feel limited by music genre or recognizability (with the caveat that, as previously stated, rap tends to be particularly hard for me to process, and when lacking a melody, it usually just sounds like a lot of percussion to me, so perhaps stay away from that. BUT then I also like a lot of like, Nicki Minaj and Dessa, so.)

For DNWs, I have a host of religion-related triggers; please do not use any Christmas or religious Christian music.


Life With Derek
requesting: Fanfiction, Podfic, Vids
This is like, my sad mostly-dead FOREVER FANDOM and oh man, Derek/Casey was SO formative for me. Like half my online brand is "STEPCEST" and they weren't my FIRST stepcest ship, but they were definitely my biggest, and I still have SO many feelings about them. I would absolutely love basically any work about them, but here's some things I especially love in this fandom:
  • stuff about them being stepsiblings, and their family/other people's reaction to that
  • stuff about them and Marti! I love love LOVE stuff about older Marti staying with Casey & Derek, and their unique relationship with her because of the age difference. (I have much younger baby half-sister, so this is especially close to my heart.) I personally headcanon older Marti as lesbian/bi/pan/some flavor of queer, but that is totally and completely optional.
  • I'm a huge hockey fan, so any stuff about Derek playing/watching/teaching someone hockey is fun times. (Uh, spoiler alert tho, because most of this fandom clearly did NOT have any idea how hockey works: Derek is NOT even remotely on track to play in the NHL, the series would have looked VERY different if he was, lol.)
  • anything about the kind of darker side of Derek & Casey's relationship—they touched on this a little in "Adios, Derek" but like, I'm super fascinated by this dynamic where they are SO drawn to and caught up in each other that it just fucks with all the other relationships in their lives, and that as they get older and most people move on from high school bullshit, they're stuck circling around each other in this bubble of "Casey and Derek, Derek and Casey" that confuses and frustrates and isolates them from everyone around them, until they figure their shit out

You've Got Mail
requesting: Fanfiction, Podfic, Vids
I love love LOVE this movie, and there's just so few fanworks for it. Not sure I really have specific prompts here, but Joe/Kathleen is SO PERFECTLY my absolute favorite couple type (I mean....see above with Casey & Derek, it's the same character types but adults and no stepcest, basically!) I love the dynamic between them, I love identity porn shit, I love the lengths he goes to to win her over...idk, just. Stuff about them! Stuff about Kathleen being awesome and kicking ass as a widely-respected children's book editor! Stuff about Joe dealing with his company being put out of business by Amazon and Kathleen being more successful than him! Just cute happy relationship stuff. ALSO BRINKLEY IS THE BEST, OBVS!

requesting: Vids
I am a simple girl with simple needs, and those needs are CRIME GIRLFRIENDS VIDS!!! Harley/Ivy forever, Harley Quinn is one of my favorite characters of all time, and she STARTED here, and they're the best and evil and delightful and I love them, pls give me vids about them <333

Sports Night
requesting: Podfic, Vids
I've been having somewhat of a Sports Night renaissance lately (shoutout to kristophine, THANKS MICHELLE XD), and while there's at least a decent amount of fic, there's very few media fanworks for this show, so I'd really love some podfic or vids!

I love Dan/Casey, ofc. They are just. Danny's PINING, my god. I love Danny a lot. I also have a lot of feelings about both Natalie, and ESPECIALLY Dana; I first watched this show in high school, at a time when fandom had basically shamed me into hiding how into sports I was, and it was really, really important to me to see these awesome female characters who were in charge and whose knowledge and love of sports was never questioned.

I love narratives about:
  • Dan & Casey coming out
  • Dan & Casey & Charlie, esp Dan's relationship with Charlie
  • character studies of Dana
  • anything actually about sports—I love hockey, baseball, figure skating, and THE OLYMPICS in general, and much like Danny, I hate soccer


Some things I like in general ("Green Light"):
  • AUs of all kinds—high school/college, coffee shop, meta (characters participate in fandom), (insert-profession-here), etc. Lawyer AUs have a special place in my heart, in particular. (I'm less crazy about the vampire/werewolf/zombie/etc. type, although there are some exceptions.)
  • fusions—the Nine-Nine goes to Hogwarts! The Padres in Pitch are Jedi! EVERYONE HAS DAEMONS! (oh my god I LOVE DAEMON FIC) Anything like that!
  • recasts—You've Got Mail with Derek Venturi and Casey MacDonald! One Fine Day featuring Zach Parise and Ryan Suter! etc.
  • genderswap, especially always-a-girl but also turned-into-a-girl
  • incest, also stepcest (siblings/cousins only, NO cross-generational unless they're the same age-ish, but MAN AM I INTO SIBLING INCEST) ((especially twincest)) (((this is a surprise to like literally no one who follows me on twitter)))
  • kidfic
  • domesticity/curtain fic
  • accidental marriage/"woke up married"
  • don't realize they're dating
  • pretending to be dating or married
  • coming out/getting outed
  • outside POV of OTP's relationship
  • epistolary fic
  • soulbonding
  • bickering, competitiveness, possessiveness, jealousy (but not in an emotionally manipulative or abusive way)

Some things that are iffy for me/potential squicks ("Yellow Light"):
  • large (>5 years) age gaps (unless they already exist in canon for a ship I've requested, in which case I'd prefer not to have a focus on that aspect/dynamic)
  • non-happy endings—I am totally fine with angst or h/c etc., even a lot of it! But ONLY IF A HAPPY ENDING IS INVOLVED OK
  • character death—this is SUPER IFFY and dependent upon who dies, really, but if it's anyone I listed in my ship list, it's a no-go; death of OCs or minor canon characters generally ok though
  • BDSM or D/s themes—I'm REALLY REALLY picky about this and when it doesn't work for me it is squicky, so PROCEED WITH EXTREME CAUTION, BEST TO AVOID
  • semi-related to the above, but I'm generally really not into power differential stuff—this shouldn't generally be an issue for my requested ships, but I feel I should mention it anyway (please no teacher/student, etc.)
  • dub-con & non-con—not specifically triggery for me, but nearly never something I actively enjoy in fic; if it's something that's there FOR A GOOD REASON then ok, but I don't generally like it
  • A/B/O
  • apocalypse/dystopia fic—really not my thing, and ESPECIALLY MORE THAN EVER not my thing now given the state know, the political everything

Absolute, hard-and-fast triggers ("Red Light"):
  • animal death/harm
  • severe arachnophobia—mentions of a spider on the wall = ok, graphic description of a tarantula crawling up someone's arm = not ok
  • survival/stuck in the wilderness
  • Christmas
  • significant religious themes and/or religious proselytizing—note that this one is very specific and also THE ONE MOST LIKELY to set off a REALLY bad reaction in me, so it's best to avoid altogether, but if you have questions, refer to the people below. (Also of note: my triggers here are tied back to stuff with Christianity; if a fic is about a Jewish character having thoughts on Judaism, a-ok! Islam, Paganism, etc. are probably all fine as long as it avoids proselytizing.)

Overall, please make me something that you're excited about, I'm so excited to read/listen/watch it :) If you'd like more guidance, [ profile] queelez/[ profile] queelez has a good general sense of my tastes, [ profile] whyangiewhy can give you more info about my religion triggers & stepcest-specific tastes, and [ profile] platinumvampyr knows my vid preferences. Or, feel free to leave an anonymous comment here for me to respond to if you have more questions! Thank you so much for creating something for me <3

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