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Dear Equinox Vidder: Revenge of the 90s

HELLO FRIENDS I HAVE SO MANY FEELS ABOUT 90S SOURCES!!!! Let's talk vid preferences for them :D


Long version:

As always, let's start with general things about me + music + vids! So, I've actually got some lyrical processing issues; I don't tend to hear 80-90% of individual lyrics when I listen to a song—the lyrics are more like another instrument in the music to me, unless I already know what they are. (Musical theater tends to be much easier for me to process. Rap tends to be much harder.) This leads to two things: one, if your vid concept is relying super heavily on the specific lyrics of the song to do the heavy lifting in getting your point across, unless I happen to already be really familiar with the song, it's probably not going to make a lot of sense to me (a lyrics link/transcription is much appreciated!); and two, I'm pretty sensitive to a "tonal mismatch" between the music and the source/message (unless that's specifically intentional and part of the statement the vid is making, in which case, carry on!) The latter generally only happens when the former is going on, but I figured I'd mention both, because this is one of the few things that will genuinely "throw me out" of a vid. (I also want to say that this is only a very small percentage of vids, so I wouldn't stress about it TOO much.)

Beyond that, I'm pretty open to most any kind of music. My "pop music" (and I use the phrase "pop music" here the way my mother does, to mean anything that is not classical or musical theater—which is what I grew up on) knowledge is utterly woeful, and so I enjoy being introduced to new music through vids! I also totally dig vids to really popular songs that I already know (as stated above, it means I'll probably already know the lyrics!) Instrumental is cool too! Basically, don't feel limited by music genre or recognizability (with the caveat that, as previously stated, rap tends to be particularly hard for me to process, and when lacking a melody, it usually just sounds like a lot of percussion to me, so perhaps stay away from that.)

For DNWs, I have severe arachnophobia and an animal death trigger. I also have a host of religion-related triggers; please do not use any Christmas or religious Christian music. Most of these should not come up in my nominated sources, but it's relevant in a few (like, if you're making me a Disney Renaissance vid, please use a light touch with much of Frolo's Shit in Hunchback, for example!) If you need any guidance on these, feel free to reach out to the people listed at the bottom of this letter.

Also, since I've been asked multiple times, I'm very lucky that my migraines do not come with any visual triggers! Have at it with the blinky cuts and strobing lights ;)


I've split them up into genre categories for you.

Animated Cartoons

Batman: The Animated Series
I am a simple girl with simple needs, please just give me all of the Harley/Ivy femmeslash!!!! I would also totally love a Harley Quinn-focused vid; she's one of my favorite comic characters ever, I have many feels about her, and this is the canon she actually originated in!

This was my FAVORITE cartoon as a kid (actually it was one of the only non-PBS shows I was allowed to watch, lolsob.) There's not anyone in the main cast that I dislike, although my particular favorites are TJ, Spinelli, and Gretchen. I also really love the dynamic between Gretchen & Vince, shippy or not. Mikey is a hoot, he's so precious! I have fewer feelings about Gus but I appreciate the way he rounds out the ensemble. I also think a vid about the Ashleys could be a hysterical fun time, and something that takes a broader look at all the playground dynamics and side characters (King Bob, Randall, Menlow, the Diggers, Swinger Girl, Corn Chip Girl, Hustler Kid, etc.) could also be super cool! Basically I just love this show and am pretty easy :) Also, I saw Recess: School's Out like three times in theaters and HIGHLY encourage any incorporation of that, lol. TJ's sister Becky was another favorite of mine!

Disney Renaissance Movies
I have SO MANY DISNEY FEELS, y'all, and like any true 90s kid, the Disney Renaissance is my favorite era of all. I'm pretty open to whatever multi-movie Disney Renaissance vid bunny strikes your fancy, but if you'd like more direction, some options:
  • A vid about this specific era of princesses! Ariel, Belle, and Jasmine are some of the most iconic princesses of all time, Mulan and Meg are two of my very faves, and Esmeralda is a straight up badass. (Pocahontas remains...Notably Problematic, obviously, but some of the visuals in this movie are genuinely gorgeous, and "Colors of the Wind" still fuckin rules, like, musically, okay.)
  • A vid focused on animal sidekicks! Give me the vid of adorable cuteness with Flounder, Sebastian, Abu, Raja, Djali, Meeko, Pegasus, Mushu, etc.
  • A vid that is just a visual feast of the gorgeous animated visuals from Disney in this time period—no "plot" focus necessarily needed!
  • A vid with meta commentary; I love Disney but I also love CRITIQUE of Disney because they are, uh, problematic as FUCK in so many ways, to put it mildly. Please don't feel like your vid just has to be all animated sunshine and bunnies!

Please note here that there are MULTIPLE poacher villains who are all about KILLING ANIMALS GRRR >:(( in this era, as well as Frolo, a villain that interacts very poorly with my religion/Christianity-related triggers, and pretty much the only vid in this fandom that I'd shy away from is something focusing on those characters/those aspects. If they show up incidentally otherwise in a vid about something entirely different, OR those thing show up in a larger meta vid specifically for the purpose of critiquing them, that's totally fine!

Minnesota Sports

Mighty Ducks Movies
I just have SO MANY FEELINGS about hockey, and how very Minnesotan these movies are*. I'm not really focused on any particular character, I just would love a vid about the hockey + setting. Although, if you wanted to focus on Gordon, and his arc of like, remembering joy through rediscovering his love of the sport, I'd definitely enjoy that! Just like, ensemble fun times sports yay :D

* Well, not most of the second one, but I tend to ignore that.

Little Big League
Am I the only person in vidding fandom who cares about this movie? PROBABLY. But LOOk, I just LOVE MINNESOTA SPORTS, and this is about a SMARTY PANTS CHILD managing the Minnesota Twins in the 90s—who, if you weren't aware, were like, jaw-droppingly bad. This probably wouldn't have fucking HURT them lmao. Anyway I love this and it's an adorable personal comfort movie for me and any vid for it I'm sure would thrill me.

(Also, if you somehow managed to do a CROSSOVER between Mighty Ducks + Little Big League, I would probably die in a good way. IDK HOW exactly you'd do it, but.)


Hello friends. Do you know what I love? Stepcest. Do you know what this movie has? Canonical stepcest. There are several extremely cute vids for this movie out there but please just give me the shippy Cher/Josh vid of my trashfire dreams ;____________;

That Thing You Do!
So this movie was actually a really popular one with my whole family for personal reasons when I was a kid, and we watched it a lot. I really, really love the relationship between Guy & Faye, they're just SO sweet, and I would love a shippy vid about all the sweet moments between them and their relationship.

Star Wars

Episode I: The Phantom Menace
You know, I entirely forgot that this one actually came out in the 90s?? I usually don't think about Episode I much, on account of it being Objectively The Worst Film Of The Entire Saga (do not argue with me on this, I am Correct), BUT I will absolutely and forever have a million feelings about the ladies in this movie. As you may or may not know, Padmé is one of my favorite fictional characters ever (and has been for a couple decades), and so literally any vid you want to make me about her in this movie is [a million thumbs up emoji]. I would also LOVE something about her handmaidens, or Padmé + the handmaidens; they're so interesting, and really underexplored in the fandom, I feel. I would also be super interested in a vid about Shmi, who I also feel is a very underrepresented character. The role she plays in this movie is kind of heartbreaking, and I'd love to see any kind of vid focused on her.

Note: I hate Qui-Gon Jinn and am frankly supremely uninterested in a vid about him and/or Obi-Wan here, which I know is the vast majority of the fandom focused on this movie, sorry :\\\

Ultimately, please go with your heart, have fun, and if you have questions about my vid taste (or need clarification/more info about stuff like triggers), please feel free to reach out to [ profile] queelez, [personal profile] forzandopod, or [ profile] platinumvampyr. THANKS AND I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT YOU MAKE :D

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