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Dear Festividder

What is this???? A post on this journal that isn’t an ITPE letter??!!! No, it’s…another exchange letter, lmao. I’m not branching THAT far out.


The long version:

So, before we get into fandoms, general things about me + music + vids! So, I've actually got some lyrical processing issues; I don't tend to hear 80-90% of individual lyrics when I listen to a song—the lyrics are more like another instrument in the music to me, unless I already know what they are. (Musical theater tends to be much easier for me to process. Rap tends to be much harder.) This leads to two things: one, if your vid concept is relying super heavily on the specific lyrics of the song to do the heavy lifting in getting your point across, unless I happen to already be really familiar with the song, it's probably not going to make a lot of sense to me (a lyrics link/transcription is much appreciated!); and two, I'm pretty sensitive to a "tonal mismatch" between the music and the source/message (unless that's specifically intentional and part of the statement the vid is making, in which case, carry on!) The latter generally only happens when the former is going on, but I figured I'd mention both, because this is one of the few things that will genuinely "throw me out" of a vid. (I also want to say that this is only a very small percentage of vids, so I wouldn't stress about it TOO much.)

Beyond that, I'm pretty open to most any kind of music. My "pop music" (and I use the phrase "pop music" here the way my mother does, to mean anything that is not classical or musical theater—which is what I grew up on) knowledge is utterly woeful, and so I enjoy being introduced to new music through vids! I also totally dig vids to really popular songs that I already know (as stated above, it means I'll probably already know the lyrics!) Instrumental is cool too! Basically, don't feel limited by music genre or recognizability (with the caveat that, as previously stated, rap tends to be particularly hard for me to process, and when lacking a melody, it usually just sounds like a lot of percussion to me, so perhaps stay away from that.)

For DNWs, I have severe arachnophobia and an animal death trigger. I also have a host of religion-related triggers; please do not use any Christmas or religious Christian music. I don't think anything else should come up when vidding these fandoms, but if you want details (they may be relevant for BFU, depending on if you try to do something more conceptual/AU/whatever???) see my ITPE letter this year.

Fandom specifics time!

Buzzfeed Unsolved, Ruining History, Buzzfeed Worth It, The Try Guys*
* I realize the Try Guys are not technically with Buzzfeed anymore, but by fandom categorization they totally fall under this umbrella

First off, I am so so sorry if you are not here for the RPF/shipping aspect; that is mostly what I'm here for >.> Ryan/Shane and Ryan/Shane/Sara [Buzzfeed Unsolved, Ruining History] are my OTP(/OT3) rn, and I love them so much. The bickery dynamic! Loling at each other being idiots! Being kind of married! It's so good for me. I'm extremely on the Shaniac side of things (I'm fairly positive I'm actually more extreme in my non-belief than he is), and I think the Hot Daga is a hilarious artistic masterpiece. I do actually love the True Crime stuff; the Supernatural stuff is really only interesting to me for the good bickering & relationship dynamics, plus, of course, Ryan's reactions XD Ruining History is also a fun time—the moments when Ryan & Sara team up against Shane are my FAVORITE FOREVER.

I will probably never be over how INCREDIBLY Soft And Married Steven/Andrew [Buzzfeed Worth It] are. THEY ARE SO SOFT AND MARRIED. My GOD, the heart eyes involved here, it's just. A Lot. Wow. I am into anything about them that is about just how in love they are, basically. I do also love Noted Precious Cinnamon Roll Adam, although I have slightly less feelings about him than Steven & Andrew.

I am actually a lot less shippy about The Try Guys, I just think they're fun and ridiculous and would love basically any kind of vid about them + the ridic shit they do + how much they all love each other. Eugene is my favorite (wow, shocker), but Zach is not far behind him at all, and I am also extremely fond of Ned (how has he LEVELED UP in hotness since having a child???); I have fewer feelings about Keith, but I like him perfectly well too. Basically, they're all great, and ridiculous, and I would love a fun and ridiculous vid about how fun and ridiculous they are. If you DO want to go shippy, I'm pretty open but interested in Eugene/Zach and Zach/Ned(/Ariel); also if you just want to make a vid about how DISGUSTINGLY adorable Ned/Ariel are I would be super down for that as well, I love Ariel!!

For all Buzzfeed sources, please feel free to use other videos/sources containing these people as necessary—the Berry Boys video, Shane & Ryan getting styled by Ladylike, any of Sara's Buzzfeed videos (the "Do I have a crush?" series with Shane!!), all of the Sims videos with Kelsey, the Try Guys hosting the Streamys, PLUS all social media content, etc.


Billy & Billie

I (and all twelve people on twitter who sent me the links when it was first announced, lol) am pretty sure that this show was ACTUALLY just pulled directly out of my brain. It's sooooo id-y for me. I am super extremely about Billy & Billie's relationship, both in a "I ship them like burning" and "this is kind of fucked up" way. Any vid you wanna make me about them & their relationship would be awesome. I especially love Billie, she is genuinely one of my favorite TV characters and I identify with her strongly in a lot of ways.

Little Big League [SAFETY]

This was one of my very favorite movies as a child, because baseball is the sport of my heart that I grew up on, and the Minnesota Twins were (and are) My Team, and IT'S ABOUT A SMART ALECK NERD CHILD RUNNING THE MINNESOTA TWINS. Also parts of it were shot in places that were like, walkable from where I grew up, lol. Basically, this movie is lovely and nostalgic to me and close to my heart, and whatever vid you wanna make for it I'm sure I'll cherish :)

If you'd like any more details about anything, please feel free to comment here anonymously, or if you prefer, [personal profile] platinumvampyr/[ profile] platinumvampyr/[ profile] platinumvampyr knows my vid taste pretty well, and [personal profile] forzandopod/[ profile] forzandopod/[ profile] forzandopod knows my Buzzfeed fandom taste. Thank you Festvidder, ilu!!!

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