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Dear Equinox vidder...

OH HEY LOOK, a dear creator letter NOT for ITPE, a miracle!!! Okay, let's do this.

The short version is: w00t Star Wars feels!! Yay vids!!!!!! I am so stoked you are making a vid for me, I'm sure it's gonna be gr8 :D

The long version is...crazy long, I'm sorry in advance, I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS AND OPINIONS /o\ my apologies for how rambly and like, full of emoticons this is gonna be.

So, before we get into fandoms, general things about me + music + vids! So, I've actually got some lyrical processing issues; I don't tend to hear 80-90% of individual lyrics when I listen to a song—the lyrics are more like another instrument in the music to me, unless I already know what they are. (Musical theater tends to be much easier for me to process. Rap tends to be much harder.) This leads to two things: one, if your vid concept is relying super heavily on the specific lyrics of the song to do the heavy lifting in getting your point across, unless I happen to already be really familiar with the song, it's probably not going to make a lot of sense to me; and two, I'm pretty sensitive to a "tonal mismatch" between the music and the source/message (unless that's specifically intentional and part of the statement the vid is making, in which case, carry on!) The latter generally only happens when the former is going on, but I figured I'd mention both, because this is one of the few things that will genuinely "throw me out" of a vid. (I also want to say that this is only a very small percentage of vids, so I wouldn't stress about it TOO much.)

Beyond that, I'm pretty open to most any kind of music. My "pop music" (and I use the phrase "pop music" here the way my mother does, to mean anything that is not classical or musical theater—which is what I grew up on) knowledge is utterly woeful, and so I enjoy being introduced to new music through vids! I also totally dig vids to really popular songs that I already know (as stated above, it means I'll probably already know the lyrics!) Instrumental is cool too! Basically, don't feel limited by music genre or recognizability (with the caveat that, as previously stated, rap tends to be particularly hard for me to process, and when lacking a melody, it usually just sounds like a lot of percussion to me, so perhaps stay away from that.)

As far as no-gos, I'm super extremely arachnophobic, and I know at least one of the sources I'm requesting has a notable scene with a huge spider, so I'd prefer if that wasn't included. I also have a set of triggers related to religion, so I'd prefer if you didn't use music that has heavy (Christian) religious overtones; if you want details, feel free to refer to my most recent ITPE letter.

Okay, fandom specifics time. FIRST THINGS FIRST:

Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

Let's get the non-Star Wars thing out of the way. This is my weird obscure Festivids-sized fandom for this, so I'm pretty open to whatever here. I like Zenon being awesome and saving the day! The late 90s/early 00s aesthetics! MY CHILDHOOD!!! XD (If you want to ship her with Margie, I definitely won't say no ;D) Basically, have fun, go wild. Bonus points here if you use a super Quintessentially 90s/Early 00s song.

Right. Onto the main attraction then.


Welcome to the Bess Has Been Dragged Back Into Star Wars Fandom After Fifteen Years, And It's More Potent The Second Time Around party! All of the rest of my requests fall under this header, and I figured it would make sense to tackle them together.

Before we get too far, I should probably mention: given the, uh, state of the world lately, I'm trying to generally keep my media consumption as upbeat as possible? And so, while I realize this is perhaps a little ridiculous for the prequels (and a LOT ridiculous for Rogue One), I'd prefer if you kept it on the lighter side of things. There was a time before—and probably will be a time again—when I'd be super down for some dark, angsty character studies that end in death, but it's...not really right now. Also, please no space nazis. Like...really please.

Right. Star Wars! The Wars of Stars! I am here for the ladies, the threesomes, and the weird incest. I signed up for original & prequel flavors. While I'm not as interested in receiving a vid specifically focused on the sequels or Clone Wars rn, please do not hesitate to include footage from them if you think it would be at all helpful/necessary to your vid! (I am ALL about the multi-era Star Wars fanworks.) In fact, if you have any vid bunnies lying around about the different Star Wars generations/eras and how they relate to each other, consider this your excuse to actually make em*. Also, if you feel compelled to vid something that fits my prequels requests with Clone Wars footage, I'm totes down for that as well! (I haven't finished Rebels yet, I'm still in early S1, and am trying to avoid spoilers on that as much as possible.)

Okay. Prequels. Right. I am hesitant to use the phrase "prequels trash" in this context, but the recent resurgence of Star Wars fandom has sent my brain back to this lizard place that has apparently been preserved and lying in wait since about 2004, where Anakin Skywalker is my problematic (close second) fave, and I am a One Woman Padmé Amidala Defense Squad (est. 2001). Padmé is my Forever Favorite, so if you just wanted to make a vid about how awesome she is or a character study of her or whatever, that would thrill me. (Also, PLEASE feel free to use footage of her deleted plotline from episode 3 if you can get ahold of it, NEVER GET ME STARTED RANTING ABOUT THIS, I WON'T STOP.) I kind of do still love Anakin, but in the, like, tumblr-esque "my trash son" kind of way, if that makes sense? Like, we're not talking "totally earnest examination of his ~FEELINGS" here. He is a walking human disaster. I also, embarrassingly, appear to still ship Anakin/Padmé (despite how utterly awful their dialogue and plotline and everything is in the actual movies, believe me, I know), although my OTP is the OT3 with Obi-Wan. (I have a lot of conflicting feelings about Obi-Wan—I do love him, but I tend to have a slightly different take on him than most of fandom. I'm not on board the "poor woobie Obi-Wan" train; dude fucked some shit up. Some of it wasn't his bad, but some of it definitely was. This digression could be an entire meta essay or vid which I may in fact still make someday, so I'm not gonna get too much further into it here.) Anakin and Obi-Wan are HELLA weird about each other and I have Feelings about it (although I very definitely don't ship it unless Padmé is also involved). If you made any kind of vid about the dynamics between the three of them, shippy OR not, I'd be EXTREMELY down for that.

Moving onto the original trilogy, I LOVE ALL THREE OF THE ORIGINAL TRIO, MY PRECIOUS BBS ;___________; Han/Leia were genuinely one of my top 3 formative ships as a bb fangirl. I love Leia so so SO much, she is so important to me?? (It's been almost two months and I STILL find myself crying whenever I remember about Carrie ;__;) And I cosplay as Han, so like. Clearly I have some feels there >.> And it will come as INCREDIBLY unshocking if you know me/follow me on twitter at all that I'm definitely here for Luke/Leia in all forms. So there's a bunch of awesome different places you could go that I'd love here. BAMF!Leia vid? Awesome! Vid about Han Solo Bagging Twins? Super excellent. Vid focused on the twins' relationship (shippy or not)? Definite yasss. Han/Leia ship vid? Totally here for it. General OT3 or gen trio yay vid? Love it.

Rogue One is my safety fandom. I debated putting this one down because I realize "plz don't make it sad" is a little bit ludicrous given the source here >.> But I really did love the movie! There's not a character on the Rogue One mission team that I don't like. Jyn & Cassian are both gr8 and I love them both a LOT, either in a shippy way or not; Baze/Chirrut are OTP af; K2 is a delightful angry robot child; Bodie is just Trying To Do His Best, bless him. I'd totally enjoy a YAY TEAM vid, or really whatever you think you could do here that wouldn't be too sad XD

Some other general Star Wars things I love and think are relevant, an incomplete and non-ordered list:
  • anything highlighting the similarities between Anakin+Leia and Padmé+Luke is my fave


  • the fact that Anakin & Luke are basically the only characters (pre-TFA) who treat droids like people gives me Feelings

  • even though I did not request Clone Wars, I really love Ahsoka ok

  • I also did not technically request the "Star Wars - All Media Types" fandom but, on the off chance that you're the unicorn who's been wanting to (somehow) make a Jaina & Jacen Solo vid, you will be my FAVORITE PERSON FOREVER!!!! (bb!Bess's first twincest! the feels ;_____;)

  • and while I'm on a "Star Wars subfandoms I did not technically request" roll, I actually TRIED to nominate "Campaign (Podcast)", but I think because of a quirk of how the tag is wrangled, it sadly just got rolled into the "Star Wars - All Media Types" tag; I'm literally not sure it's POSSIBLE to vid this fandom but on the EXTREMELY slim chance you feel compelled, it would probably make my year????? I love all the characters a lot

  • the Jedi Order are assholes

  • (that's not a thing I love but I do think it's relevant)

  • ((I have been writing this letter for so long HOW IS IT ALMOST 3AM))

  • as a millennial, I grew up with a weird mishmash of VHS + DVD versions of the series, and so I'm familiar with both the special editions and original versions (or at least close to, whatever was available on VHS in the 90s) of the original trilogy; I own copies of and love (for different reasons) both the full series HD Special Edition Bluray releases and Harmy's Despecialized Editions, please feel free to vid with whichever source you'd like

It's time to End This, seriously it is after 3AM ahahah oh god why. I realize this entire thing is WAY TOO LONG and rambly but I hope it was at least a little helpful?? /o\ If you have any questions, [personal profile] queelez/[ profile] queelez/[ profile] queelez knows my tastes in Star Wars, and [personal profile] platinumvampyr/[ profile] platinumvampyr/[ profile] platinumvampyr knows my tastes in vids. Or you can pass a question through them to ask to me! Thank you so much, I'm so excited to see what you create :D

* "Rey is a Kenobi" is a BULLSHIT theory, if that is your multi-era vid concept...maybe no -.-

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