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As the popularity of podfic grows, podficcers start spreading out and popping up all over the place. Where are those interested in podfic hanging out these days and how are they supporting each other, check out pod_aware on DW, LJ or Tumblr to find out.

Two years ago today, I hosted the second podfic Twitter friending meme. Just over a year before THAT, I hosted the first one, which kicked up a minor explosion of podfic-related activity on Twitter.

But we have reached a point where the podfic community has extended beyond like 50 of us all following each other on Twitter. We're spread out across multiple platforms, far and wide, and once again we find ourselves on the community day of , so once again, I present...

But this time we're mixing it up a little bit. GONE ARE THE DAYS WHERE THIS MEME IS TWITTER-ONLY! Let's open this bitch up to connecting podficcers across ALL SITES in the fannish network!!! Feel free to delete whatever lines aren't relevant to you/you don't want to share. Anon commenting is turned on, as is OpenID—you don't need a Dreamwidth to participate here!

HAVE FUN!! [thumbs up emoji]

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