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The Doodles of Bessyboo


7/29/03 06:17 pm - Internship/Volunteer...Thingy...

Hello again, little purple-eyed creatures! Today I started an Internship/Volunteer type-thing at the Resource Center of the Americas. I'm working on stuff for their website, which you can find here. It's pretty cool. [Midnight Muse's] working there, too. She's reviewing books for teens in the bookstore. Her mom works there, too. She's the editor of the newsletter.

Let's see...what else? Ooo! I got THREE new CDs! (::celebrates::) I got Fallen (Evanesance), The Spirit Room (Michelle Branch), and The Young and the Hopeless (Good Charlotte). They're all super-super-cool. I especially like GC. Their music is sooooooooooooo good!

Uh oh, Dad's home! Better sign off before he gets inside!


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