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The Doodles of Bessyboo

Transformative Works Policy

7/10/13 05:41 pm - Transformative Works Policy

The short version of this is YES YAY I LOVE THE TRANSFORMATIVE WORKS CYCLE and want to encourage it!!! The long version:

When crediting me, please credit me as "bessyboo". When linking to my work, an AO3 link is preferred (if available).


Anything I've written—be it funny tweets, meta, fic, or anything else that qualifies as "my words that have been posted on the internet"—you are free to podfic/remix/translate/transform in any way, with the following conditions: A) you keep my name attached & credited for the original, and B) you link back to the original work.

You are also free to, like, remove dialogue tags and alter wording or whatever you need to do to make my words work for your voice, or whatever your method of remixing/transformation may be.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if you told me about/linked me to/showed me what you made, but I know that's sometimes stressful etc for some people, so that's not a requirement, just a strong preference :)


Feel free to repod/remix/autotune basically WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU CAN THINK OF with my podfic/podcasts/recorded works. If it directly uses my original work (so not, for instance, repods), again, A) please keep my name attached, and B) link back to the original work. That's it!

Again, like above, I'd love if you told me about your work, but it's not a firm requirement.


If you'd like to remix/sample/otherwise use part of my vids, go for it, but once again, please keep my name attached/credit me. I'd prefer if it was in some sort of credits on the vid itself, but if not that, at minimum it should be posted in the notes of wherever the vid is posted. I know a lot of times when vids are sampled, you're sampling a LOT of them, so I'm a little looser here about linking back. I'll just say: please use your best judgment.

As always, I'd love it if you dropped me a link to your final work :)


If you'd like to somehow transform/remix my art, I'm open to this, but please contact me on an individual basis—this is a lot more dependent on individual instances.

If you're interested in doing something with a thing I've co-created with other people, know that it's totally cool on my end, but you should double-check with any co-authors/podficcers/artists/vidders I may have as well.

If there's anything else I haven't mentioned that is somehow a thing of mine you'd like to somehow transform, please, contact me! I'm open to it :) Send me an email—my username at gmail—or a tweet or a tumblr ask or whatever!

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