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Dear #ITPE Podficcer!

It feels a LITTLE bit silly for me to be writing this since I'm the mod, so I already know who you are XD (well I don't ACTUALLY YET, but I will by the time you read this!) BUT LET'S JUST PRETEND, SHALL WE?

So, first things first, you can look at a list of alllllll of my (hilariously long) fandoms & ships here: LJ / DW. Here is a list of fandoms & ships I am interested in receiving (in alphabetical, not preferential order):

  • Big Time Rush (Kendall/Logan)
  • Community (Troy/Abed, Jeff/Britta)
  • DCU (Tim/Kon)
  • Figure Skating RPF (Johnny/Evan)
  • High School Musical (Chad/Ryan)
  • Hockey RPF (Jonathan Towes/Patrick Kane)
  • How I Met Your Mother (Barney/Robin)
  • iCarly (Sam/Freddie)
  • Life With Derek (Derek/Casey)
  • Newsies (Jack/David)
  • Ouran High School Host Club (Tamaki/Kyouya, Hikaru/Kaoru)
  • The Sarah Jane Adventures (Clyde/Luke)
  • Suits (Harvey/Mike)
  • Swimming RPF (aka DOUCHEBROS) (Michael Phelps/Ryan Lochte)

Next thing you should know is that I AM RIDICULOUSLY OTP-ISH. I am not very likely to like something if it's not about one of my OTPs, because I suck like that. I'm really easy about rating--G to REALLY REALLLY PORNY is fine (although I usually prefer *some* plot *g*), as long as it's *shippy*. Please note that this means that gen is not usually something I read, and even more rarely something I love.

Beyond that, some things I like in general ("Green Light"):

  • AUs, particularly of the "mundane" variety--high school/college, coffee shop, meta (characters participate in fandom), (insert-profession-here), etc. (less crazy about the vampire/werewolf/zombie/etc. type, although there are exceptions obvs)
  • fusions--the SJA kids go to Hogwarts! The Newsies operate an illegal salvage ship in the Firefly/Serenity universe! EVERYONE HAS DAEMONS! (oh my god I LOVE DAEMON FIC) Anything like that!
  • recasts--10 Things I Hate About You, starring Johnny Weir and Evan Lysacek! You've Got Mail with Derek Venturi and Casey MacDonald! etc.
  • genderswap, especially always-a-girl but also turned-into-a-girl
  • kidfic
  • domesticity/curtain fic
  • accidental marriage/"woke up married"
  • don't realize they're dating
  • pretending to be dating or married
  • coming out/getting outed
  • outside POV of OTP's relationship
  • soulbonding
  • bickering, competitiveness, possessiveness, jealousy--these are all things that are probably going to apply to most fics for about 70% of the couples I listed, so XD

Some things that are iffy for me/potential squicks ("Yellow Light"):

  • as previously stated, gen--it CAN be fine, but I'm a LOT pickier, so it's proabably better to avoid it
  • large (5+ years) age gaps--none of the ships I've listed have this, but I'd really really prefer if you didn't pick something that created an artificial age gap where there wasn't one previously (NOTE that this is BORDERLINE trigger and may belong below, but it's not "hard-and-fast", so)
  • non-happy endings--I am totally fine with angst or h/c etc., even a lot of it! But ONLY IF A HAPPY ENDING IS INVOLVED OK
  • character death--this is SUPER IFFY and dependent upon who dies, really, but if it's anyone I listed in my ship list, it's a no-go; death of OCs or VERY minor canon characters generally ok though
  • BDSM or D/s themes--when I like this stuff I REALLY like it, but I am, again, REALLY REALLY picky about this and when it doesn't work for me it is squicky, so PROCEED WITH EXTREME CAUTION, BEST TO AVOID
  • dub-con & non-con--not specifically triggery for me, but nearly never something I actively enjoy in fic; if it's something that's there FOR A GOOD REASON then ok, but I don't generally like it
  • apocalypse fic--really not my thing, I just don't like the idea of the whole world being destroyed (this SORT OF goes along with "non-happy endings", because this is a non-happy ending for the SETTING)

Absolute, hard-and-fast triggers ("Red Light"):

  • animal death/harm
  • severe arachnophobia--mentions of a spider on the wall = ok, graphic description of a trantula crawling up someone's arm = not ok
  • significant religious themes and/or religious proseltyizing
  • survival/stuck in the wilderness
  • relevant to requested fandoms: Jeff/Annie and Harvey/Donna as sexual or romantic relationships--I'M DEAD SERIOUS ABOUT THESE BOTH; NOT EVEN IN THE BACKGROUND, NOT EVEN IN THE PAST. I make a big deal out of it because these are both aspects of CANON that have triggered me, so if you're doing something in those fandoms, it should either not mention the canon aspect (or otherwise) of these ships or be set in a world where said ship(s) are Not A Thing.

I know I've talked a lot about what I don't like but really, if it's a fun, happy story that YOU enjoy with one of the pairings listed above, I am almost surely going to be happy :D Lastly, if you have any questions, bendtothesun/[profile] war_kitten/[ profile] war_kitten knows my tastes pretty damn well, if you need help. YAY AND THANK YOU \o/

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