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For all of you who follow me on twitter, you KNOW what this is about. For the rest of you, there's a primer coming later tonight. (It'll be the ~CLASSIEST primer you've ever seen. THERE ARE COCKTAIL RECIPES)

This podfic needs no further explanation--OH WAIT. Yeah, you should never dare me to record podfic at work, YOU'LL LOSE (/win)

a toast for the douchebags
Swimming RPF (Michael Phelps/Ryan Lochte)
by hapakitsune
read by [personal profile] bessyboo
runs 13:51

MP3 [9.76MB]: Audiofic Archive Page
Audiobook (M4B) [5.21MB]: Audiofic Archive Page

I have a lot of #DouchebroFeels, you guys. I apologize for what I've been told are at least two instances where I mix up Ryan & Michael's names, whoops. (Too lazy/hard to fix.) Also the shitty sound quality (again, recorded at work, so on my phone, in the cavernous echo-y chamber that is the main room of our office). #DealWithIt.


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Tags: !! podfic, !swimming, the douchebros are giving me feels again

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