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*blinks* Did I just...uh.

So, I have a shit ton of stuff to get done for #Femmevengers weekend, a fic to beta for cherie_morte, a meta podcast to edit, HOURS AND HOURS of beta listening to do for [community profile] podficbigbang, not to mention like five covers and my own PBB podfic...none of which I've started. /o\

So what do I do? THIS, OBVIOUSLY. lol self.

The good news is that this is my shortest "initially see fic" --> "podfic is fully posted" time yet--less than two hours! O.o

Hahahahaha [personal profile] reena_jenkins I hope you enjoy waking up to this tomorrow? XD AND BANDOM PODFIC FRIENDS, I KNOW I KEPT PROMISING TO RECORD SOMETHING FOR YOU. THIS AT LEAST HALF-WAY COUNTS. (I'm looking at you, [personal profile] leish/[personal profile] pennyplainknits/[personal profile] klb/[personal profile] isweedan/[personal profile] knight_tracer/et al.)

Rising to the Occasion: the Way Brothers Meet the Food Network Challenge*
Bandom (gen)
by [personal profile] reena_jenkins
read by [personal profile] bessyboo
runs 10:07

Direct Streaming Link (for use on smart phones etc.)

MP3 [7.35MB]: MediaFire | Audiofic Archive Page
Audiobook (M4B) [2.83MB]: MediaFire | Audiofic Archive Page

* So, Reena wrote this shit DIRECTLY ONTO TWITTER. And in my little reader's note at the end I say that it's across maybe 25 tweets.

This is blatant lies. (Clearly I am shit at estimation.)

It is across 64 tweets. So. HERE ARE THE LINKS TO THE TEXT! (lolol Audiofic Archivers, I'll see if I can persuade her to post to her journal and/or AO3 tomorrow XD)!/reenajenkins/status/193481457107345409!/reenajenkins/status/193481733541330944!/reenajenkins/status/193481905939824642!/reenajenkins/status/193482230683799552!/reenajenkins/status/193482498255233024!/reenajenkins/status/193482683052068864!/reenajenkins/status/193482879790104577!/reenajenkins/status/193483092663611393!/reenajenkins/status/193483370141990912!/reenajenkins/status/193483647972683776!/reenajenkins/status/193483905037385728!/reenajenkins/status/193484421335224321!/reenajenkins/status/193484544366743553!/reenajenkins/status/193484794221436928!/reenajenkins/status/193485009770905601!/reenajenkins/status/193485263647948800!/reenajenkins/status/193485472385859584!/reenajenkins/status/193485713411538944!/reenajenkins/status/193485925823684612!/reenajenkins/status/193486084456452096!/reenajenkins/status/193486282125606912!/reenajenkins/status/193486476720349184!/reenajenkins/status/193487092398043136!/reenajenkins/status/193487407251865600!/reenajenkins/status/193487711250821123!/reenajenkins/status/193487974367899649!/reenajenkins/status/193488322537078784!/reenajenkins/status/193488540598939648!/reenajenkins/status/193488982854746112!/reenajenkins/status/193489238212358144!/reenajenkins/status/193489523647324161!/reenajenkins/status/193489835665797121!/reenajenkins/status/193490048044367872!/reenajenkins/status/193490287723679746!/reenajenkins/status/193490504565006336!/reenajenkins/status/193490996540088321!/reenajenkins/status/193491249607614464!/reenajenkins/status/193491467224875008!/reenajenkins/status/193491894305693698!/reenajenkins/status/193492156013494272!/reenajenkins/status/193492430379679745!/reenajenkins/status/193492632599674882!/reenajenkins/status/193493009797619713!/reenajenkins/status/193493270117101570!/reenajenkins/status/193493475298263042!/reenajenkins/status/193493707213914113!/reenajenkins/status/193493896146329601!/reenajenkins/status/193494130821824512!/reenajenkins/status/193494297339895808!/reenajenkins/status/193494462385750017!/reenajenkins/status/193494792221626368!/reenajenkins/status/193494953962381312!/reenajenkins/status/193495265641111552!/reenajenkins/status/193495503160360960!/reenajenkins/status/193495778487050243!/reenajenkins/status/193495996448256001!/reenajenkins/status/193496190556442624!/reenajenkins/status/193496557281226752!/reenajenkins/status/193496783622643713!/reenajenkins/status/193497089060245505!/reenajenkins/status/193497311945572352!/reenajenkins/status/193497519651696641!/reenajenkins/status/193497791140597760!/reenajenkins/status/193498426925789185

This was as close to I've ever really gotten to podding cold--I already knew I wanted to podfic it when I was like five tweets in. I speed-read the rest of it, grabbed my mic, and started reading. I...hope it came out okay? It's hardly edited, so there are like, breath noises and stuff I'd normally take out, is same-night-as-text-posting podfic of twitter not!fic, guys XD

I hope you like it! *runs off to attempt to be productive at Things I SHOULD Be Doing*

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