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Valentine's sucks, as per usual, but I'm too busy to talk now, raincheck?

Continuing on my theme from last year, I did have an anti-Valentine's project all planned and picked out for you guys. I have permission, I have cover art, I was all set to record!

...and then Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology II happened. And as those of you who follow me on Twitter know, it ATE MY LIFE this weekend.

(I would have probs gone actualfax INSANE without [personal profile] heard_the_owl & [personal profile] knight_tracer's last-minute help. THANK YOU GUYS <33333333333)

And to complicate matters? I'm going to Gallifrey One on Thursday, and I still have a WHOLE DRESS to sew for [personal profile] moonling. -.-


Consider this a placeholder for my annual anti-Valentine's rant & accompanying podfic.

In the mean time, you should all check out the Awesome Ladies Anthology, so that all my sleep deprivation does not go to waste because seven and a half hours of awesome fucking ladies, what other motivation do you need?!

If you're SUPER desperate for anti-Valetine's sentiments from me, check out my podfic for the anthology of if this is a joke, i'm not laughing, by the lovely [personal profile] moirariordan. It's a depressing look at a possible future for Miley Cyrus.

Okay, I'm off to go glue myself to my serger. See you folks on the other side of Gally! (Hopefully with 100% more anti-Valentine's podfic! And also con stories!)

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