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I'm cutting it pretty close the past few nights, aren't I? WELL HERE IS BESS'S DAILY POD AWARE POST

Repodding is when a podfic is made of a fic that has already been podficced. Podfic is awesome, therefore two podfics is even more awesome, right? Every podficcer brings something different to the table and it's fun to see how different podficcers approach the same thing. To find out more about repodding, check out pod_aware on LJ or DW.

So, I kind of feel like my contribution to today's Pod Aware topic is the recording (AND EDITING, OH GOD THE EDITING -.-) of today's official Pod Aware podcast, available here. If you want my thoughts on repodding, GO LISTEN TO THAT, I hardly let anyone else TALK for roughly an hour and 10 minutes XD

BUT I have two other smallish contributions for today. One, paraka has finally posted Baby There's No Other Superstar (and y'all should go listen because I think it is maybe my FAVORITE podfic of hers yet!), with a cover made by me which I think is maybe the podfic cover I have sunk the MOST TIME INTO THUS FAR, but I think it was worth it because I'm pretty proud of it. So here's the cover, and the story of how I made it:

From my comment here...

OKAY, so. First off, let me say that I spent WAAAAY TOO MUCH TIME on this cover, so I am SO GLAD you like it so much! Also the fact that it kicked out Kris Allen as your desktop image had me blushing and grinning like a loon a LOT *^^*

Now. Last weekend, during our little #3DNPodfic fest, I wanted to finish the covers before you guys posted your podfics, so you could post them with the final product. (YOU STILL HAVEN'T POSTED YOURS, BTW. I FEEL I AM OWED, HERE!)

So I finished weimar27's relatively quickly, in about the standard amount of time it takes me for a cover (~1-2 hours). I knew yours would take a little longer, because as you probably gathered the moment I tweeted you back with my gleeful hand rubbing in response to your fic link, I had MANY IDEAS, and they were not simple.

I had remembered the fic from ages ago (okay a year, whatever), but as I re-read it, my idea solidified in my mind: I wanted to do something with the publicist. I'd already done a million (okay, five) podfic covers on the marriage theme (there's only so many designs you can come up with using rings and veils!), and she was so...I just. I could see the graphic in my mind. With the one Perez cap on a laptop screen in the background! And her on a smartphone with the other Perez screen up! AND MUCH GLARING!

Of course, this required not only casting someone as the publicist who had the right look, but of course they had to be in the right pose. And I had very specific ideas about this. I would have accepted one of maybe three specific poses, and at least two of them required her to be holding a smartphone. THIS WAS SURPRISINGLY DIFFICULT TO FIND! I considered using Anthea from Sherlock, but, fandom-specific connotations aside, not only does she appear in only ONE SCENE which has her sitting in the back of a car with bad lighting, she kind of looked too...nice. Anthea is more "mysterious and alluring". I wanted someone with a serious BITCH FACE.

Finally, I'd been searching for the perfect base for the publicist for close to an HOUR at this point. I was getting VERY DISCOURAGED. In my frustration, I thought, "God, how hard can it be to find a bitchy-looking woman in professional dress (spike pumps a plus), holding a smart phone and glaring over her glasses, possibly with terrifying breasts and...OH FOR THE LOVE OF..."

(This is the point in the story at which, when I was telling it to moonlingmaid in the car the next day, she CRACKED THE FUCK UP because she knew EXACTLY where this story was going. And I hadn't told her the punch line OR showed her the finished cover before starting the story. This should possibly tell you something about me IRL XD)

So I go to my closet and put on one of what queelez calls my "Pepper Potts outfits". I grab my camera, tripod, photography light and iPhone, set it up and snap a couple of shots (hooray for the timer function!), and head back to my graphics program.

FINALLY the cover started to come together. I cut myself out (lolol) and placed the mobile Perez cap on my iPhone. I found a laptop on a table, stuck it behind me, made the non-mobile Perez site a cap and stuck THAT on the laptop. Something still seemed to be missing, and I realized I wanted it to look a bit more like the publicist's war room (so to speak), so I proceeded to spend the next HOUR compiling photos and magazine covers that I thought she'd have on her bulletin board, and arranging them how I wanted. I was getting into her headspace--what would she have on top? Clearly the ones with Kris in them, that was the topic at hand after all, the most recent Thing To Deal With--I WAS BECOMING THE PUBLICIST. (It is worth noting that it was rounding 5 AM by this point, and I had not had any sleep.)

I finally got the bulletin board to my liking, spent another 40 minutes futzing around with the text, looked at it, and went "Dayum. That...turned out pretty well. Huh. Guess using myself as a model wasn't a half-bad idea?"

And then I tweeted it at you and COLLAPSED INTO BED because it was like *SIX THIRTY* AM at this point, and as previously mentioned I hadn't gotten any sleep, and had to be at work by like noon XD


SECONDLY, I have a short little ~12 minute podcast I recorded with moonlingmaid in her basement while sorting socks. It's totally unedited, and was recorded on my iPhone while we walked back and forth between the sock bins and the pile of laundry, so. Yeah XD It includes a lot of me bitching about a stupid customer I had at work a while ago and Alex being her crazy-logical self. Hopefully it is interesting?

Bessyboo and Moonlingmaid Talkin' About Voices (download link)
Tags: am running stealth campaign to delurk a, it's like a revelation! (aka pod aware), podfic+me=blob of tl;dr flailing

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