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It's still Pod Aware, did you really think you'd get through a whole day without a post from me?

Every podficcer has an accent; sometimes that accent matches that of the canon character, sometimes it doesn't. Every accent is special and brings something to the podfic, it represents the podficcer and reminds us just how diverse fandom can be. Come celebrate accents and learn more about them in podfic at pod_aware on LJ or DW.

Today, on this theme of accents, I have a podcast I recorded with cantarina1! :D


...I am trying to think if I have other things to say here and I think I said them all in the podcast? Thanks so much for cantarina1 for answering my Twitter call and doing this with me! <3 Hope y'all enjoy!
Tags: it's like a revelation! (aka pod aware), podfic+me=blob of tl;dr flailing

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