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Podfic from a fandom (mostly) forgotten...

So once upon a time I signed up for multipodicity. And I was like, oh man, I have plenty of time, they're not due until October 1st! And then paraka was like, "LOL NOPE IT'S SEPTEMBER 11TH, YOU FAIL AT READING INSTRUCTIONS" (not a direct quote). And I went "OH NOES, BETTER RECORD SOMETHING SHORT QUICKLY!" And then I did, and I sent a permission message off, and then LJ WENT AND DIDN'T NOTIFY ME OF MY STUPID INBOX MESSAGES and I didn't get the permission go-ahead message from A WEEK AGO until TODAY when it *DID* notify me of a different message, and....yeah. And now I'm posting it on the date I ORIGINALLY thought is was due ANYWAY. Oh well XD

SO: triedunture, thanks for getting back to me relatively promptly, it's not your fault LJ sucks. cantarina1, thanks for sending me a message today that LJ DID notify me about, forcing me to check my inbox. paraka, thanks for your, as always, unending patience and willingness for extensions. And lastly (and perhaps most importantly)--[personal profile] anatsuno, I am so sorry that your repod is so late, and also so short.

The Fate Machine & The Fate Machine (continued)
House, M.D. (gen, House/Wilson implied)
by triedunture
read by bessyboo
runs 3:21 each (6:43 together)

The Fate Machine
MP3 [2.36MB]: MediaFire | Audiofic Archive Page

The Fate Machine (continued)
MP3 [2.36MB]: MediaFire | Audiofic Archive Page

Audiobook (M4B) [6.4MB]: MediaFire | Audiofic Archive Page

This was originally recorded by [personal profile] anatsuno here. I specifically didn't listen to her recording before doing mine (although I since have, and it is lovely). (Also ya'll should go listen to everything she's done because she's awesome, and her accent is strangely mesmerizing to listen to....)

I think mine is somewhat more melancholy, because apparently I have two podfic settings: humor and melancholy. Hopefully it works? I think it does. Also I tried a robot voice filter thing for the machine's voice in the second one, and have been assured by moonlingmaid that it doesn't sound too weird, so hopefully that works for you, too.

It was interesting doing this story, actually, because since I violently broke up with the show after the S6 finale, I haven't really thought much about House at all, and it's been even longer since I was actually in the fandom. So it was kind of nice to go back to House and Wilson and reflect upon happier, simpler fandom times--House was one of the first television shows I started watching as it was actually airing, and if I recall correctly, House/Wilson was my first non-Potter fandom slash ship. So, simpler times indeed.

This little set of ficlets, though short, really does pack a punch. When I first read them, I was really struck by how truly depressing the whole thing was. I mean, really interesting, but. Depressing. I love the pointed ambiguity of the second one, how it purposefully doesn't mention names and leaves it up to you to draw your own conclusions as to which one the machine chose.

Also random, but: this is the first cover I've made using ONLY Photoshop in like, possibly ever? A very long time. I normally use only Paint Shop Pro or a combination of PS & PSP, but I decided to try using just PS for this one, just to prove to myself that I could. I can. (But I still have an irrational hatred for PS's text tool.)

Alright, I better get this posted before paraka gets very cranky with me XD
Tags: !! podfic, !house, am running stealth campaign to delurk a, yay procrastination!

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