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Ohhhh, have I got podfic for YOU!

Guess what time it is! IT IS PODFIC DUMP TIME!!! Yes, that's right, you guys get not one, not two, but FOUR podfics today! I KNOW, RIGHT?!

Although, to be fair, three of those were technically previously posted OTHER places, but I haven't posted them HERE yet, SO! We'll work backwards, starting with the newest.

We'll start with my pod_together project.

Identity Crisis
Stargate: Atlantis (John/Rodney)
by [personal profile] busaikko
read by bessyboo
runs 9:17

MP3 [6.63MB]: MediaFire | Audiofic Archive Page
Audiobook (M4B) [4.30MB]: MediaFire | Audiofic Archive Page

This fic was written by [personal profile] busaikko for me to podfic for the pod_together challenge. HUGE thanks to her, since I had some trouble with earlier match-ups--although the result of one of those should hopefully be along sometime in the next few months, but sadly not in time for the deadline--and she totally stepped up and gave me a SERIOUSLY SPEEDY pinch-hit at the last minute! Endless <333 for that! Plus there are adorable McKay rants and twice the John Sheppard you normally get and you should totally check it out 'cause it's adorable ^^

Thanks to paraka, this one's also available streaming at the AO3 link above! \o/

Next up: my contributions to the Peck on the Lips collection, for the International Day of Femmeslash!

New Ways of Speaking & sweetness and light
Star Trek: Reboot (Gaila/Uhura) & DCU (Steph/Cass)
by rubynye
read by bessyboo
runs 1:16 & 1:26

New Ways of Speaking
MP3 [1.16MB]: MediaFire | Audiofic Archive Page

sweetness and light
MP3 [1.32MB]: MediaFire | Audiofic Archive Page

Peck on the Lips Anthology
Audiobook (M4B) [24.86MB]: MediaFire | Audiofic Archive Page
Contains 10 tracks total, with contributions by cantarina1 and nickelmountain as well.

So once upon a time, nickelmountain posted a community ad in amplificathon calling for sign-ups for a femmeslash fest anthology. And I off-handedly said, "hey, lemme know if you want a podbook & cover art!"

Fast forward a month and a half. I get a message saying, "Hey, uh, I'm posting this anthology in 24 hours. Got time to make a cover and podbook still? :D?" And I go, "...wait whut. Which anthology now? OH WAIT RIGHT. 24 hours?! O.o damn, sure, you caught me on a good night."

SO I'm going about, making the cover art, as you do, and then I go to download the MP3s to compile the actual book. And I'm like, "DAYUM, only 8 stories recorded by the 2 mods? SAD FACE DDD: WHERE IS THE FEMMESLASH LOVE, DUDES?!!" And it just so happened that I had recently read rubynye's lovely little drabble collection with plenty of femmeslash, and so I go, "*checks watch* Yeah, sure, I've got time." I dash a permission message off to rubynye, and before I've even finished recording the second drabble, I've gotten a message back giving me the go-ahead. They're so tiny, and barely required any editing--in the end, the podficcing process for both of them put together took less than half the time it took me to finish the cover! all in all, that was a productive night ;)

For more information about the Peck on the Lips Anthology, including a complete track listing and a download of all the MP3s in ZIP form, see this post.

Aaaand last, but certainly not least, a very emotional podfic. And the only brand-new, never-before-posted one!

Chain of Flowers
DCU (Harley/Ivy, Harley/Joker)
by sionnain
read by bessyboo
runs 7:28

MP3 [5.42MB]: MediaFire | Audiofic Archive Page
Audiobook (M4B) [7.31MB]: MediaFire | Audiofic Archive Page

This was made the day after my cat died. I was feeling sad (obviously), and I thought, "a sad podfic would be a great way to work through some of my feelings". And this fic off my "possible potential podfic list" seemed perfect. And then, coincidentally, right before I was going to make it, reena_jenkins posted a version of it done by her XD But I am firmly of the belief that Multiple Versions Are Cool, and I was already kind of in the mindset to do this one, so I went ahead with it.

It's only being posted now, despite how short it is, because it was actually kind of hard for me to go back and edit, emotionally speaking, since it's full of these strong associations for me now. Which is okay, I think, frankly, for the fic, because this is not a happy tiems yey fic. Kind of even a little. It's dark, and it's creepy, and I hope that I was able to convey all the emotions I was feeling at the time in my reading of it.

I actually went back and listened to Reena's version after I finished editing mine, and I think there are some interesting differences. (And also I realized I probably pronounced sionnain's name wrong >.<) For instance, I went for instrumental, tone-appropriate music (from the Dark Angel soundtrack, for anyone interested), and read the lyrics at the beginning, and she cut out the lyrics and played the song they were from for the intro/outro. I would totally recommend listening to both versions, BUT THEN I'm the sort of person who enjoys listening to multiple versions and comparing/contrasting, so YMMV.

SO. There's my huge-ass podfic dump for the night. Hope ya'll enjoy! AAAAND for my podfic_bingo card, I'm using the drabbles for my "Femslash" square, and I'm replacing my "Read Sadly" square with Chain of Flowers, because it works better.

Bessyboo's Podfic Bingo!
Read with a Smile Disability Femslash Read Angrily Read a Fic Cold
Read Quietly Read Sexy Incorporate Sound Effects Rare Pairing Collaborate
Use a Speed Effect Incorporate Verbal EffectsWild Card! Lower Pitch Effect Read A Friends Fic
Abridge Yuletide No Editing Incorporate Music Record in a New Location
Higher Pitch Effect Non-English Language Out of Order 2nd POV Read Sadly
Tags: !! podfic, !dcu, !star trek, !stargate atlantis, podfic+me=blob of tl;dr flailing

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