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The Doodles of Bessyboo

My month and oh also FREE BASEBALL TICKET!!!!!!

7/18/11 01:14 am - My month and oh also FREE BASEBALL TICKET!!!!!!

So, in the last 4 weeks, I have:

  • returned from London (pictures and final recap still coming!)
  • basically lived in moonlingmaid's basement sewing bits of four separate cosplays in preparation for...
  • CONVERGENCE!!! That happened. It was awesome. (HI NEW CON FRIENDS! *waves*) (cosplay pics are also coming eventually)
  • hosted lunchy_munchy during her MN stop on her Great American Tour (collaborative podfic recorded during this visit also forthcoming!)
  • gone to HP7pt2 at midnight (THE LAST MIDNIGHT HP PARTY! ;.; but it was AMAZING and now I can't stop reading Albus/Scorpius--post your recs for me in comments!)

.....and I will eventually post about all that but none of that is actually the point of my post. The point of this post is:

DOES ANYONE IN THE TWIN CITIES WANT TO COME TO A TWINS GAME AT NOON TODAY (7/18)?! I have an extra ticket and would love for it to not go to waste! REPLY TO THIS POST OR LET ME KNOW ASAP!!!!!

Thank you and goodnight.
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