Bessyboo, Queen of the Purple-Eyed Creatures (bessyboo) wrote,
Bessyboo, Queen of the Purple-Eyed Creatures

I can haz...London?!

I have mentioned this in a few places, but not actually on my journal yet, SO! moonlingmaid and I are going to London (and Edinburgh) on Friday. (Or possibly Saturday. Depending on flight loads. My mom works for the airline, we got cheap tickets, it's complicated.) And we're going to be there for two weeks. I am, of course, ridiculously excited.

Things we are already have tickets for:
  • Much Ado About Nothing, starring Catherine Tate and David Tennant. My excitement about this cannot be textually rendered. (Also, we are going to this on A's 21st birthday. BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER?!!!!)
  • Derren Brown's Svengali
  • Butley, starring Dominic West and Paul McGann. (This is a direct result of A's unseen-since-the-Remus-or-possibly-RSL-era fancrush on Paul McGann. Seriously, her fancrush is an EPIC THING TO BEHOLD. Its power is NOT TO BE TRIFLED WITH.)

We'll be in London the 4th-12th, and Edinburgh the 13th-16th. SO NOW I HAVE SOME QUESTIONS FOR YOU, PURPLE-EYED CREATURES:
  • Any suggestions on things ya'll think we should do? reena_jenkins has suggested that we go on the Eye, which I think is an excellent idea and is absolutely on the list. Anyone have any other ideas? Our current plans kind of consist of, "BE IN LONDON!!! \o/~~~! There are cool museums...and...stuff! Yes! LONDON! And Edinburgh is preeeeettttttty~~~~ :DDD" XD
  • Anyone in the London (or Edinburgh) area want to meet up at all? I LOVE TO MEET FELLOW FEN, SO IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED I WOULD BE DELIGHTED :DDDD (I promise I will even keep moonlingmaid from hiding from SCARY NEW PEOPLE!)

Tags: am running stealth campaign to delurk a, sometimes i play tourist, tales of my riveting life

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