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I can haz Smallville finale?

So, to start off, I just went, "okay, we're going to make a post in my LJ now about our thoughts on the finale!" and moonlingmaid went, "uh, I think our thoughts are pretty much (*insert her flailing all over my living room here*)".

Which is valid.

SO. Yeah, moonlingmaid came over tonight and we watched the Smallville finale. I have...not actually seen more than like, four full episodes of Smallville? But through both fannish osmosis and moonlingmaid I know pretty much everything that's happened anyway. So when she was like, "yeah, that's on tonight, wanna watch it?" I was like, "SURE!"

And oh god, you guys, there was much facepalming, laughing, and during THAT ONE SCENE (if you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about), there was much clutching and flailing and squealing.

So here are our thoughts about it, typed out by me, with random input from moonlingmaid. Be warned of stream-of-consciousness?

The recap at the beginning was surprisingly thorough, and A squeed much and approved of the Lex clips included. She says it succeeded in making her nostalgic, and also included enough to sufficiently let me, a non-viewer of ANY of it, get a good sense of what I needed know. Well enough, anyway.

OKAY, CAN WE TALK ABOUT OLLIE'S LINE, "I burned a perfectly good leather hoodie." ...let me repeat that phrase for you. PERFECTLY. GOOD. LEATHER. HOODIE. Let me call to attention the fact that THESE TWO PHRASES ARE MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE. Perfectly good. Leather hoodie. My epic lulz can not be expressed. A and I legitimately started laughing so hard at that, we missed a bunch of the following dialogue and then were like, "wait wait what's happening now?" Not that we, you know, cared. BECAUSE LEATHER HOODIE.

Everything about the wedding, and that ENTIRE PLOT was utterly stupid. There was much eyerolling at Chez Bessy. Also, question: so, Lois's dress when Clark is reading her vows and she is ANGSTILY PRESSING HER HANDS TO THE DOOR *clutch* (lol) seems to be a nice, wedding-ish white dress. Except then she is wearing a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT DRESS to the wedding. The first one is, what, an incredibly ornate nightgown?!

OH YES, moonlingmaid has correctly pointed out that it is time to bring up GHOST!JONATHAN. Basically....whut. Like, were they just like, "let's see how much Jonathan we can possibly squeeze into this episode! It doesn't have to make sense!" Just...what. No. *facepalm* Pretty much all his appearances besides the graveyard scene were just "whut".

OKAY IT IS TIME TO TALK ABOUT LIONEL. Now A, like, is legitimately ~frightened of Lionel. She HID HER EYES AND WENT "ahhh!" when he came on screen. John Glover is ONE FREAKY DUDE, yo. And then he proceeded to practically MOLEST TESS and A and I just spent the entire scene going, "BAD TOUCH BAD TOUCH OMG BAAAAAAAAAD TOUCH". Gross, Lionel. We actually cheered when she shot him.

Some love for Jimmy Olson's Brother Jimmy Olson (that is the character title, no lie). He was wearing a newsboy hat! And bowtie! And was kind of adorable! LOVE.

Okay, the future framing device thing. Aside from the OMG OBVIOUS WTF HOW DOES THAT COMIC EXISTING IN-UNIVERSE MAKE SENSE, SECRET IDENTITIES, IT WOULD REVEAL THEM, SHOW YOU ARE STUPID....bit, and also the "wait, so Clark and Lois waited seven years to finish getting married and apparently pretended not to have known each other forever?" thing....yeah, okay, that's pretty much the extent of our complaints with that. The Superman Theme Music was kind of fun.

OH CLARK'S GLASSES! I cannot forget them. I call them the "hottie glasses", because Tom Welling actually gains 5 hotness points whenever he puts them on. They make him look ~sexier, IDK. BUT YES. GLASSES = GOOD.

And apparently Conner only merits a throw-away mention that "Tess hid him"? That's how you're going to finish that plot? Oh...kay? Kinda lame, dudes.

Alright, it is LEX TIME. A is pretty much at a loss to express her feelings towards it, other than to say, "IT WAS PERFECTION" and then do this:

(if she would let me, I would legitimately upload a gif of her flail dance, because it was HILARIOUS, but you will have to settle for Kermit)

Because THAT SCENE!!!! ...okay, hang on, I already have the ep downloaded, LET ME QUOTE LEX AT YOU AS WE REWATCH ~DAT SCENE:

"We have a destiny together, Clark."

"Every villain is only as great as his hero." (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3.)

and of course, "I'm sorry I couldn't save you, Lex."

OH BOYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. you are otp foreverrrrrrrr <3

So yeah, that was pretty much so much better than we could ever have dared to hope for from that episode.

...And then we spent the next half hour coming up with ways in which Lex DID NOT actually lose his memories/somehow got them restored, because WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SHIT, NO. (Clearly the answer: Tess said *he* developed the neurotoxin, so clearly he made himself invulnerable to it in the process of making it. Duh.)

So there are our Smallville thoughts. IN CONCLUSION: lol Smallville. Yup.
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