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Bessyboo, Queen of the Purple-Eyed Creatures

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a COLLABORATIVE PODFIC!

So, I really, really adore the entire concept of collaborative podfic. It's kind of halfway between audiobooks and radio plays, and I just...I am really fascinated by it. I have actually had one in the works since last fall, but that is entirely dependent on moonlingmaid and I getting off our asses and DOING it, which...hasn't happened yet XD

But, a couple weeks ago, I asked reena_jenkins, mah podfic BFF, if she wanted to collaborate on this one pretty epic dual POV fic, and she was like, "Sure! Sounds awesome! Wanna do this one first to practice?" And because I am ME, of course I was like, "OOH YES SHINY *grabby hands* *excited bouncing*"

CONFESSION TIME: I'm kind of a bad fangirl--I've only seen about two and half seasons of Buffy. *hangs head in shame* I have also never read World War Z. But something about this fic immediately just jumped out at me; this sort of soft, sad wistfulness about it. It really drew me in. And I just KNEW that this podfic was going to be AWESOME.

And ten days later, I have for you the finished product. And if I do say so myself? It *is* pretty damn awesome. < LeVar Burton Voice> But you don't have to take my word for it... < / LeVar Burton Voice > (SPOILER ALERT: Reena also thinks it is awesome.)

Indeterminate Place, UK
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/World War Z (gen)
by moragmacpherson
read by reena_jenkins & bessyboo
runs 25:10

MP3 [29.05MB]: MediaFire | Audiofic Archive Page
Audiobook (M4B) [16.43MB]: MediaFire | Audiofic Archive Page

So. This one was collaborative. (Duh, Bess.) And since I read the Interviewer, I didn't actually have NEARLY as many lines as reena_jenkins did, so I honestly wasn't sure how it was going to come out when I sent my lines off to her. But she did a spot-on PERFECT job with the Slayer--just the right mix of gravity for the situation, and perky snarkiness which is such a Joss trademark--and my lines did not wind up sounding as ridiculously sad and melodramatic as I kind of originally feared they would, and it just...well it ended up being awesome, basically :D

Now, I don't normally talk about the music in my podfics--I usually only use instrumentals at the beginning and end, and while I definitely take time to fit the tone of the piece to the right music, I don't normally have anything else to say other than, "...yeah, I used that." But with this one.... I very rarely include words, but Reena tends to use music a little more liberally in her podfics than I do, and she included the whole song we agreed on at the end, just worked. It's "Metal Fingers", by Electric President, and when she first asked me if I had music ideas ("What's the soundtrack to the zombie apocalypse?!") and I got over the knee-jerk "RE: YOUR BRAINS, DUH" (which, while topical, doesn't at all fit the tone of the fic XD), I went "hmmm....hummm...huh...", opened my iTunes, and there this song was, STARING AT ME. The more I listen to it in context, the more I like it. IDK, maybe this is just me, but I just really like this music with this fic. FEEL FREE TO DISAGREE WITH ME, PERHAPS I AM JUST CRAZYPANTS THO

I am using this for "Collaborate" on my podfic_bingo card, for obvious reasons ;)

Uhmmm...I think that's about it? Seriously guys, I really am proud of this one, and I only am a little conceited for saying that, because it's really mostly Reena. Seriously, it's all her. IN CONCLUSION: ya'll should check it out, because Reena and I are awesomesauce. THE END.

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