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The Doodles of Bessyboo

"Don't you just call that romantic literature?"

3/14/11 06:42 pm - "Don't you just call that romantic literature?"

So, as has been previously documented, I recently moved. And I now have a roommate.

His name is Ben, he is the eldest son of one of my mom's close religious congregation friends, and up until we decided to move in together (read: our moms went "YOU SHOULD LIVE TOGETHER" and we both went "*shrug* Okay?"), I did not know him.

We have now lived together for a month and a half, and no major problems yet. I doubt we'll ever be BFF, but we function perfectly fine in a shared living space, which is really all you need in a roommate.

Except today, this happened, and it has endeared him to me greatly.

So thank you Ben, for being cool. And unintentionally hilarious.

ETA: Almost forgot--happy Pi(e) Day! :D

ETA2: Transcription of the audio, for those of you who can't hear:

Me: Sam gets Dean slicked up and loose, dazed and panting underneath him, and holds his cock right against Dean's ass, rubs the tip agai--oh, hey Ben.
Him: (in background) Hey.
Me: How you doin?
Him: (in background) Good. You?
Me: Pretty good. You know. Recording porn, as you do.
Him: (in background) Recording what?
Me: (laughs) It's...somebody won my podficcing talents in an auction, so I'm recording porny fic.
Him: (in background) Oh.
Me: Yeah.
Him: (in background) Don't you just call that romantic literature?
Me: (laughs)
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