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More podfic up for auction & Fandom Cage Match March Madness 2011...

So, first off, con_or_bust (which helps fans of color attend cons) bidding closes in less than 24 hours, and I have podfic up for auction here. Bidding is currently at $30, with a fic word limit of 8,000.

Now that THAT'S out of the way...

As I'm sure many of your flists have informed you, if you didn't already know, it's *that* time of year again--Fandom March Madness Cage Match (f_march_madness)! Now, some people get SUPER hardcore about it. Others "don't get it" (*coughmoonlingmaidcough*). Me? I see it as mostly a fun, fandom bonding sort of experience. It's like an online convention! Fans of all different shows, ships and fannish activities flock together to witness & take part in the two-week interactive knock-down, drag-out fight! Plus have (mostly) friendly comment wars :)

While I have been known to occasionally campaign, I don't get super invested in it. Mostly I enjoy the "YAY FUNTIEMS GREAT CHARACTER CELEBRATION"-ness of it. And possibly my favorite part of that? Is the comments. People get SO PASSIONATE about campaigning, I love it! You just get swept up in their passion, all trying to convince you that THIS is why you should vote for THIS character! People obviously put SO MUCH WORK into these, and there are so many pics, gif spams and youtube embeds that, given how many tabs I have open, my browser isn't very happy with me right now XD

In terms of comment campaigns, I love the range from silly, to totally sincere. You get the sort of amazing ridiculousness that is Spock giving Dean Winchester a Vulcan death grip, Sam Carter described using only Charlie Sheen quotes, and Merlin--or is it Harry?--character confusion. You have the obligatory "I'm On A Horse" threads--see the startling complete (and clever) one for Dan Rydell, or the humorously in-character one for Sherlock--and after a while, of course, the inevitable Mean Girls macros start showing up. You have your standard appeal to hotness, character quotes with picspam, and shout-outs to our own fannish roots. You have awesome response gifs, great gif wars, and--in one of my personal favorites--two separate camps using the exact same gif. Sometimes they are surprisingly srs bsns.

And then you have the mostly off-topic bits of hilarity such as this, which I thoroughly enjoyed participating in XD

You get ALL OF THAT AND A BAG OF CHIPS with FMM (or, in my particular case tonight, a bag of Chester's Cheese Puffcorn--mmm, cheesy), and at the end of the day, it's really just a bunch of us celebrating a whole lotta characters who we love ridiculous amounts. And I love that.



PS I also feel probably disproportionately accomplished that I was in the first 20 people to get their Office Pool brackets in, out of nearly 550 total. XD

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