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I HATE Valentines Day. So you get anti-Valentines podfic.

I HATE Valentines Day. Always have, since I was old enough to associate it with anything other than free candy at school (which means 5th or 6th grade). (See rant from 10th grade here.) As far as I'm concerned, it's a corporate conspiracy to shamelessly make money on candy, flowers, cards, and useless trinkets, and has the added bonus of making people who A) aren't in a relationship feel bad about themselves and B) are in a relationship feel pressure to put a monetary value on/"prove" how much you ~truly love~ your significant other. BARF.

So, I had insomnia last night (this morning), and was looking at the clock on my computer, and noticed it was after midnight, and thought, "oh, look, it's Valentines Day, YAY *sarcasm*. I should do something appropriately anti-Valentines this year, especially since I'm gonna have to go to work and push clearance Valentines decor, and Julie probs won't let me rant at the customers. So, what can I do, hmm...." And then it came to me: PODFIC!

And so I started searching for an appropriately anti-romantic podfic, and then I went, "OMG WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT AWESOME BITTERSWEET SLINGS & ARROWS/HARD CORE LOGO CROSSOVER?!!", and promptly tracked it down, re-read it, realized it was perfect, and recorded it.

First, slight background on my history with this fic. I originally found it shortly after the first time I watched HCL (probably it was recced to me by moonlingmaid, like the last fic I podded, but I can't remember), before I got super fannish about it. However, I LOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVED it dearly, squeed over it for half an hour, bookmarked it...and then mostly forgot about it. Fast forward half a year, when I get into podfic. I actually distinctly remember checking to see if this one had a podfic, and being disappointed that it didn't. I went, "ooh, when I start doing my own podfic, I should totally do that one!"...but of course by the time I got around to creating an actual list, I had forgotten about it again.

Which brings us to about about six hours ago. I am sitting here, going, "okay, want to record something appropriately anti-Valentines, what can I do?" And then this fic popped into my brain. I tracked it down, recorded it, edited it, sent [personal profile] aria a permission request, made a cover, added music, exported it, and uploaded it. In that order. Which brings us up to approximately five minutes ago XD

Now. Why this fic, you may ask? Well, aside from being AWESOME, it is, to quote my email to [personal profile] aria, "gen-fic about fucked up guys and their fucked up lost loves!" It is technically gen, although you could probably classify it as Geoffrey/Ellen and Joe/Billy pretty safely, but those are both canon (no, don't try to argue with me about whether or not Joe/Billy is canon, it is, and you're not going to convince me otherwise), and, more importantly to this post, background (important background, but still background), in the past, and depressing & fucked up. So, to recap, this fic is:
  • mostly gen

  • prominently features two failed, fucked up past relationships (three if you count Geoffrey/Oliver as well)

  • is quite bittersweet

and yet, to satisfy my personal desire for no pass-the-tissues endings
  • has a rather hopeful ending

I would safely call that pretty solidly against all the sentiments of Valentines Day.

So, enough blathering...onto the goods!

And Count Myself a King of Infinite Space
Slings & Arrows/Hard Core Logo (gen)
by [personal profile] aria
read by bessyboo
runs 36:20

MP3 [16.75MB]: MediaFire | SendSpace | Audiofic Archive Page
Audiobook (M4B) [16.69MB]: MediaFire | SendSpace | Audiofic Archive Page

That's it! Hope you like it, purple-eyed creatures. And good luck to all my fellow Valentines-haters on getting through the day ;)

ETA: Almost forgot about my podfic_bingo card! *facepalm* Am using this for "Read Sadly", "Incorporate Music" and "Read in a New Location", because this is my first podfic recorded in my new apartment!

Bessyboo's Podfic Bingo!
Read with a Smile Disability Femslash Read Angrily Read a Fic Cold
Read Quietly Read Sexy Incorporate Sound Effects Rare Pairing Collaborate
Use a Speed Effect Incorporate Verbal EffectsWild Card! Lower Pitch Effect Read A Friends Fic
Abridge Yuletide No Editing Incorporate Music Record in a New Location
Higher Pitch Effect Non-English Language Out of Order 2nd POV Read Sadly
Tags: !! podfic, !hard core logo, !slings & arrows, am running stealth campaign to delurk a, holidays make me ranty/gleeful/thinky/?, insomnia

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