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Moving sucks, you guys. But hey, look, old fic!

So, when my family moved out of the house I grew up in after my parents' divorce, I ran out of time to go through all the stuff in my bedroom, and it all ended up getting thrown in boxes (without any organization or looking at), which got stuck in the back of my kitchen in my current apartment.

And now I'm moving to a different apartment, and so I have to actually GO THROUGH AND SORT all the shit in those boxes. Some of the stuff is lolarious, some of it makes me go WTF, but mostly it's tedious. However, since a shitton of it is stuff that I haven't touched since jr. high/early high school, there is quite a bit of nostalgia going on (both positive and negative).

Among the many old treasure I've uncovered is some fic that I wrote from 6th to 10th grade. For your amusement, I am taking a break from packing to provide you with some snippets.

So first up we have a fic summary from what I think was 6th (but might have been 5th) grade. It wasn't any later, because smashfantastic was still going by "Lady Kassandra".

You guys, this is...IDEK, I just can't stop laughing. If I didn't actually vaguely remember planning this out with smashfantastic at recess at one point, I would swear that I had copied it out of Summary Executions. *facepalm* This is, word-for-word (including formatting), all that is written on the notebook page:

The Rise of Shenaynay
H/G (R/H)
1st of 3
6th year

"The Slayer. The Queen. The Dragon. The Lightning. The Prophecy of Four will have a great impact on you. Enemies will become allies, and friends will become more. Tread carefully along the path of your fate."

Fanfiction written by Bessyboo and Lady Kassandra.

The only thing I remember about this is that it was brainstormed at a sleepover at my house, right after M "saw the light" of Harry/Ginny. Ginny may or may not have been a Slayer a la Buffyverse. I literally remember NOTHING else. (And now I'm thinking this may have been more 5th than 6th grade, but, whatever, same difference.) Just...SHENAYNAY! *flappy hands* ALL OF IT! I don't even, what. Lulz.

Okay, this one is cheating a little bit, because it's actually *written* by smashfantastic, but I distinctly remember helping to plot this one. It's labeled "Chptr 1-Arrivals" and covers both sides of a sheet from a yellow legal pad (which I was much more likely to carry than M, which leads me to believe I was more involved in the writing process here than I remember), but it's kind of just so excruciating that I don't think I can post the whole thing.

The general gist: Harry, Ron, Draco, Neville, Hermione, Ginny, Parvati, and Pansy are all at our school, for some reason. They're, like, touring it, or something? We (me and M) are showing them around--her the boys, me the girls. The fic states that we are in 8th grade, but this was definitely, DEFINITELY 6th grade--M is still going by Kassandra, and Jessa (a friend who went to a different jr. high) is a character. Then, we decide to play "matchmaker". Because we can. We do this by writing one of the girls' names on the back of each of the boys' hands in sharpie (we wrote on ourselves in sharpie a lot in jr. high, especially me). The apparently means that they are paired up. Somewhere in here, it is established that Hermione's nickname is "Mione". (Yeah, go ahead and wince, I just did too. A lot.) Here's a snippet from the end of the chapter (word-for-word again, spelling mistakes included):

"Oh ****!" Mione and Draco chorused when they saw. They were now partners.

Kassandra finished partnering the vistors quickly: Draco & Mione, Harry & Ginny, Ron & Pansy, Neville & Parvati.

"Great!" Bess and Kassandra chorused as they left for recess with the Brits. The Brits were already sick of the U.S.

"What did you do?" Jessa, another friend of Bess & Kassandra's. "Oh." she said as she looked at the boys' hands.

"Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match!" Kassandra and Bess sang.

The British groaned. They too had seen Fiddler on the Roof!

So yeah. XD Oh, and on the front of the page in the margin, in my handwriting is written "********************* out of 4 *s =) *grin*" *facepalms so hard*

Okay, fast-forward four years. We're past the totally cringe-inducing 12-year-old era, and into the mostly less embarrassing 15-year-old time. First up from this time period is the beginning of a Marauder-era post-full moon fic. Again, word-for-word, formatting same, etc., although less relevant here since I now seem to know English.

Remus wakes up with a burning pain in every part of his body. His back aches, his legs are so sore he can barely feel them, and his head feels as if it has been smashed against the wall of a cave again and again. Quite simply, he fucking HURTS.

He tries to sit up, and groans a little, only to discover that his throat has also been the site of an intense nuclear battle. Giving up, he carefully flops backwards, and he is surprised to encounter something warm and furry.

Despite the pain, Remus smiles as Padfoot nuzzles his neck, and licks the edge of his face. He feels a swish of the dog's tail, and the next moment, the big, soft Padfoot head next to him has been replaced by a mess of dark, tangled teenage-boy hair.

"Hey," Sirius says. His voice is low and rough. Remus can feels Sirius's side pressed against his own.

Remus attempts to pull himself into a sitting position, but quickly gives up and leans into Sirius again, having not put a great deal of effort into anything that involves either of them moving.

Remus sighs quietly, and turns to look at the boy lying next to him.

"How long have you been here?"

Sirius says nothing. He knows that Remus knew the answer to the question even before he asked it. After a moment, he says quietly, "Wormtail and Prongs left about an hour before sunrise."

Remus sighs again, but says nothing. Sirius knows what he is thinking.

"We don't mind, Moony, honestly."

Remus glances at him, then looks away. "I just don't want to be a burden..."

Sirius sits up, and looks straight at Remus. Placing his hand on Remus's face, he tilts his head so he is looking right back at Sirius. They stare at each other for several moments.

"Don't even think that, Moony. Don't think it for a second. You know it's not true."

This one actually isn't bad--not great, exactly (LOL woobie!Remus, urgh), but salvageable if I ever felt the inclination to do some editing and finish it. I don't, obviously, but, you know, I probably could. This section is rather clearly pre-slash with Remus/Sirius, don't remember if I was leading up to actual Remus/Sirius or not. Probably. Don't actually remember where I was going with this one at all, really. I think I maybe didn't know where I was going with it at the time, which is why I stopped.

Oh, also? This one is surrounded on either side by pages of doodles of wolf-dog-things wrestling and cuddling and such, most of which I still think are pretty cute XD

Unlike the last one, this one I kind of wish didn't exist. It's not as embarrassing the stuff from 6th grade, but it's still...yeah. According to the planning on the page before the fic, Chase has a daughter he didn't know about from when he was in med school (possibly he left for the States before the mom found out she was pregnant?) and then the mother dies in a car crash, and...yeah, it's basically trope-alicious. Here, have the snippet:

"What, are you mad?! I can't keep her forever! I love the kid, but she's no picnic to take care of 'round the clock. Besides, I'm 21! I"m single! I don't have the time to take care of my dead sister's kid!" He broke off here at the look the older woman was giving him.

"Well, someone's got to take her, Jack!"

"Why don't you?"

"We've gone over this; I can't. I'm just too old to keep up with a young child."

"Well, what do you suggest we do, then?"

The older woman paused. Then, speaking slowly, as if she was unsure, the woman said, " Well, I suppose we could send her to her father..."

Her son looked at her skeptically. "Do you even know who her father is?"

At this, a young child who had been sitting quietly behind them spoke up. "Mum had this piece of paper in her wardrobe, and she once told me that if anything happened to her, I should go to the address on that piece of paper."

The adults turned to stare at her. After a moment of shocked silence, the man murmured, "Guess I'll go find that paper, then..."


The phone rang nearly six times before someone answered.

"Hello, you've reached Dr. House's office, this is Dr. Cam--ow!" a slightly winded female-sounding voice answered. "Would you guys cut it out?? I'm on the phone! Sorry about that, this is Dr. Cameron, can I help you?"

Jack coughed nervously. "Uh, may I speak to, um, Dr. Chase?"

"Sure, hang on..." th woman replied, sounding curious. "Chase...Chase! Put the ball DOWN, you've got a phone call!"

Shuffling and footsteps could be heard as the phone was passed off.

"Hello, this is Dr. Chase," a male voice said, vestiges of laughter still evident in his voice.

I think it was basically going to be, "Look at Chase being adorably awkward around the precocious child! Cameron will coo! Foreman will roll his eyes! House will be terribly OOC and bond with the small child and IT WILL ALL BE ADORABLE!!!1ONE!" Oh, self. *facepalm*

Unlike pretty much all the rest of the fics here, I'm actually still reasonably happy with this one. Possibly because it went through actual revisions--I found three separate versions of this in two different planners. I've always found John!POV of Wincest fascinating, and there aren't very many fics out there (to my knowledge) that deal with it. So I decided to write one. I definitely started writing this one in 10th grade, but the revisions may have continued into 11th, it's a little unclear. Perhaps, maybe, someday, if I ever start really caring about Supernatural again, I will go back and revise & finish this fic. Probably not. But at least for now, how the first bit:

John Winchester smiles as he catches sight of his sons in his rearview mirror. It is getting late; they have been driving on back country roads through the middle of nowhere for hours, and the boys deserve some rest.

John eases off the gas, then turns around in his seat and lets his eyes linger on his sons' sleeping forms.

Sam is stretched out across the seat, his head in his brother's lap. He has grown like a weed in the past year, and John smiles at the way his legs scrunch up comically to avoid falling off the seat. Dean is leaning into the seat, his head lolled to the side, his eyes lightly closed, and his mouth slightly open. His right hand rests at the base of his brother's neck; his left on top of Sam's hand on his thigh.

John frowns, turning back towards the road. He probably wouldn't have even noticed if they were a bit younger, and indeed, it had never worried him when they were small children. However, both boys are getting older--Sam is nearly a teenager already--and they should have outgrown it by now. At this age, it really isn't appropriate for them to be touching like they are, especially with the frequency that they do.

John shakes his head, brushing those thoughts away, but as he continues driving, his mind keeps drifting back to them.

Frankly, mostly my reaction to re-reading this one is, "huh, I over-use semi-colons" XD I do still kind of like the idea of it, though, so like I said, maybe, someday, this one will turn into a full-fledged fic. But knowing me? Probably not.

So, I hope ya'll enjoyed the glimpse into my fic-history, purple-eyed creatures. BACK TO PACKING! x.x
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