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I NEED YOUR HELP! A call for interest in a Collaborative Crossover Audio Drama/Audio Fic project...

Life has been super stressful lately, so of course what do I do? Turn to fandom, where I'm looking to...organize and produce a huge collaborative effort project that looks to be a rather lot of work and time commitment. >.< Good job, Bess. ANYWAY...

BACKGROUND: Coming home from moonlingmaid's cabin, she and I (and smashfantastic and aviria) were discussing the possibilities of a collaborative fan audio drama. We especially discussed possible fandoms that would work well for it, but didn't come to any definite conclusions. The idea of crossovers came up, but we couldn't think of any premises that weren't basically cracky, "look crossover lol!" situations.

And then I got home, and a couple days later, I it. The premise for a non-cracky crossover audio drama. I hashed out some of the details with queelez, and now that brings me to...


As I mentioned before, a collaborative crossover audio drama. Tentatively titled It's A Hell Of A Town, it's set in modern-day New York City. It is the story of seven different fandoms, interconnected to varying degrees, as they go about their day. Some of the connections are more obvious than others--two characters having a conversation, or two teams working on the same case, as opposed to one character singing at the same bar another two characters are having drinks at.


Sports Night, White Collar, Leverage, Glee, Castle, Slings & Arrows, and (possibly) House. (NOTE: House has been making me kind of >:O at it lately, and it's not totally essential to the plotlines I have set up, so I would be willing to be convinced otherwise if someone had a better suggestion for a 7th fandom. I've tentatively thought about replacing it with Ugly Betty a couple times.)


The way I envision this is having two "teams": a writing team and a recording team. Or, writers and actors. (Note that if you're part of one, you're not precluded from being part of the other!) Much like a television show creator, while I have the basic idea, and know essentially where I want to go with it, and have a couple details I want to include, I don't have everything worked out. I'm also not really a writer--I'm an organizer, and an idea person (as evidenced by my GoogleDocs box full of partially written "OMG THIS WOULD BE A GREAT FIC PREMISE..." documents, all unfinished). So I'd want to get a group of writers together to help work out all the details and write the actual script. They'd help with plotting AND writing. Ideally, to be on the writing team, you'd probably want to be pretty familiar with at LEAST two of the fandoms, with at least a passing knowledge of a couple others--but hey, if you're interested, I'm flexible on this point.

Once we got the final script together, I'd put out a call for actors. Ideally, I'd like to cast all the different parts with different actors (so, no actors on double-character-duty). There'd probably be some sort of audition process, just to properly match voices to characters. (I will say that I already have one character definitely, absolutely cast. Just one, though.)


So, interested at all? Have ideas on, well, ANYTHING related to this? LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS!!!


Please, link this! Tell your friends! Let other people know! I'd like to get a good number of people involved in this. (Relatedly, anyone know of any good communities for me to cross-post this to?)
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