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Oh look, I podficced.

So I've been getting really into podfic lately, and I've been meaning to make my own. I have a couple others I'm working on, but I finished this one first (somewhat ironically, since some I've been working on for weeks, and I started this one, oh, YESTERDAY XD). For some reason, this fic just GRABBED me, and it's short enough that I was able to finish it fairly quickly. (Also, you know, Inception is MADE OF WIN and there needs to be more podfic ASAP!)

Without further ado...

the cold side of the pillow
Inception (gen)
by lanyon
read by bessyboo
runs 20:05

MP3 [6.4MB]: MediaFire | Audiofic Archive Page
Audiobook (M4B) [7.87MB]: MediaFire | Audiofic Archive Page

lanyon's fic really is quite awesome, and even if you don't download the podfic, ya'll MUST at least go read it. Do it. You won't regret it!

We now return to your regularly-scheduled lack of updates ;)
Tags: !! podfic, !inception

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