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Hey, LJ, long time no see! No no, it's totally my fault. I'm so sorry! I really meant to call you...

When your last journal entry was made almost exactly 13 months ago, and you barely have to scroll down on the front page of your journal to find an entry with the subject "OBAMA WINS!!!", you KNOW it's time for an update. XD

So, in the last thirteen months, I have:
  • really, truly learned to live on my own in the "real world"--working, checkbook balancing, rent/bill paying, grocery/food shopping,etc. (It sucks less than I expected it to. I actually quite like it!)

  • gotten a car

  • stage managed another YPC show

  • had my father get re-married

  • gotten "Sales Associate Of The Quarter-FY09 Q2" at my job

  • fallen into a brief period of depression, and climbed back out of it
  • begun Tweeting regularly (thus the lack of TxtLJ updates here!)

  • fannishly, been sucked in by easy_academy (lord help me) and figure skating RPF (I blame Johnny Weir!)

  • actually started seriously writing a fic--I know! Me! WRITING!--for values of "seriously" that include "crossover crackfic" (SIDENOTE--Anyone familiar with any two to three of the following fandoms, let me know, I need betas/cheerleaders/brainstorm buddies/etc.: Glee, Ugly Betty, High School Musical, Figure Skating RPF, Broadway RPF)

...and I'm sure I've done tons of other stuff, but that's the important stuff that I remember, basically. Lots of big stuff, though! SO NOW YOU'RE ALL UP-TO-DATE, PURPLE-EYED CREATURES!

Speaking of the purple-eyed creatures, I was just re-reading my first entry. YOU GUYS, A MONTH FROM TOMORROW, MY JOURNAL WILL BE SEVEN YEARS OLD! Seriously, if it were a child, it would have just graduated from first grade. THAT'S INSANE O.o When I started it, I had just turned 13. THIRTEEN FUCKING YEARS OLD. I was a tiny tween! I was dating Ricky! (HAH) Now, tomorrow, I'm going to be twenty, and this journal will have chronicaled %35 of my WHOLE LIFE, and approximately half of my life where I've been able to read and write. That's just...mind boggling.

Oh yeah, speaking of. I'm going to be 20 tomorrow. The big two-oh. So...there's that. Yeah.

I actually think I'm going to start really ~using LJ again, so watch for an overhaul of my layout (which has had the "Under Construction" banner up for about 5 years >.>), userinfo, etc. COMING SOON TO AN LJ NEAR YOU!

I think that's all for now. More later, purple-eyed creatures.
Tags: introspection blah blah blah, major life events, tales of my riveting life, things have changed for me

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