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I take that back...

All previous comments from toady revoked! Devon had a change of heart, and not only allowed me on the computer, but went to Kowalskis with me and spent HER money on stuff to re-stock my secret candy drawer! (BTW- Mom found out about it. She just took all the stuff in it and put it in the cupboard downstairs. I doubt she'll check again.) So yeah...I is happy now.

Oh yeah, forgot to say before, I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND SOME BOYS. The other day, Big Foot Boy and Cow Boy IMed me, and one of them (I think it was Big Foot Boy saying he was Cow Boy) started jokingly hitting on me, and...I TOLD THEM I WAS DEVON! Hehehe. They kinda freaked out and signed off. It was pretty funny. You can see the thing...

benito7531: hey its andy
Lady Bessyboo: hi...
benito7531: whats up
Lady Bessyboo: the sky
benito7531: yea
benito7531: i just wanted to say that you looked really hot today
Lady Bessyboo: ...
benito7531: i totally wanted to bang you
Lady Bessyboo: ...
benito7531: oh yea
benito7531: .
benito7531: just playin this is ben and andy is over beating me with a pillow
benito7531: just messing with ya
Lady Bessyboo: ...
Lady Bessyboo: you guys are just weird
Lady Bessyboo: by the way, who is this?
Lady Bessyboo: cause this is Devon
benito7531: devon who
Lady Bessyboo: Bess's little sister
benito7531: i see
benito7531 signed off at 6:32:02 PM.

Some guys are just odd. Anyway, I'm off to find something to do, purple-eyed creatures.


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