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Guys, I may have just done something kind of epically stupid.

Oh, wait, first! Of note, and also actual relevance to what I'm about to talk about: I've moved into my mom's apartment on a semi-permanent basis (I'm still moving stuff & working out the details, but...yeah). Probably until I leave for Atlanta sometime after the new year. (More on the "why"s/background later.) So I'm out of the house I grew up in (frigging FINALLY) is the good news. Bad news? Unreliable internet access. Fortunately, some kind soul has an unsecured network named "linksys" which I am currently mooching off of ^^ It's not the best connection, but it's SOMETHING.

Anywhoooo....yeah. I did something kinda stupid.

So it all starts at around midnight or so. I'm doing my normal insomniac thing (still up reading fanfic), when I hear this cat meowing outside. He just won't quit. I shrug, figure "hey, someone across the alley forgot to let their cat in", and put my noise-canceling headphones back on. Fast forward to 5 AM. I have continued with my normal insomniatic behavior: read more fic, play spider solitaire, finish fic from earlier, turn off laptop, go to bed, play iPod games, try to sleep, play more iPod games, try to sleep, fail to sleep, get up, turn laptop back on, read more fic, watch movie. Finally, my movie ends (I seriously will NEVER get sick of Penelope, guys. *sigh* James McAvoy. And Christina Ricci! Also, I want all her clothes. And shoes. ANYWAY), so I take off my headphones again. And that's when I hear that the cat is still outside, meowing.

Now, I LOVE cities, and I really couldn't care less about noise pollution. I find the sound of traffic, crowds and distant sirens soothing; if this was a car alarm, or even a crying BABY, I wouldn't give a shit--I'd just go back to bed and try to get to sleep again (although I might shut the windows). But it's me, and it's a cat, and for those of you who know me well, you know that I CAN'T just leave some poor animal outside, after he's been meowing for HOURS; I've gotta do SOMETHING. (Yeah, I'm *that* person--the one who goes "ew, bbs? i dun get it" but has to stop to pet EVER SINGLE FUCKING DOG that they pass on the street. XD)

So it's still dark out (just about to start getting light, but hasn't started yet), and I'm like, "fuck it, I'll just throw some pants on, grab my keys, and just...see if I can find the thing. Make sure it's not, like, dying or anything, you know?" So I head down the back staircase, and when I get to the alley entrance, there's this little black and white cat, sitting and meowing right outside the door to the fucking building. Guys, what else could I do? I let the thing in, and he starts wrapping himself around my ankles and freaking purring. PURRING! So I just scoop him up without a second thought, and he doesn't even struggle, carry him back up the three flights of stairs, and let us both back into the apartment.

And now here we are. Well, I mean, I fed him some old provolone cheese I found in the fridge, and put out a bowl of water (although he hasn't touched it), and petted and played with him a bit. He's very vocal, but not in a "OMG YOU EVIL BITCH GET ME AWAAAAAYYY" sort of way; just in a "hey I like to talk a lot whenever I have an opinion, like oooh, I like the way this couch covering feels" sort of...way....I've stopped making sense, haven't I? I DON'T EVEN KNOW IF PETS ARE ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING! >.< I don't know this cat! ...although I'm absolutely positive he's domesticated (and friendly to boot)--Henry, my baby (who's still living at the house, although part of the divorce settlement is actually that *I* get him, if I'm in a position to take him, although that's a whole 'nother story for a different time) was a stray when we first got him, so I *know* what stray cats look & act like. This ain't no stray cat.

...anyway, I COULDN'T just leave him out there. I couldn't! I'm a sucker for animals to begin with, and you try saying no to this face!

*shakes head* I think I was like...a vet in a former life, or something, IDEK >.> So what do you think, guys? Have I totally gone crazy?

...okay, going to bed (again, but for real this time) now. Hopefully, Friendly Not-Stray Cat won't, like, destroy the apartment while I sleep...or something. -.-

PS Don't worry, I totally plan to put up, like, "Found Cat" posters and shit tomorrow today, once I properly wake up. I don't plan on keeping him [long-term]; I'm sure his owner is probably looking for him, wondering how he got out.

ETA: BANDOM, IT HAS EAT-ED MY BRAINZ! Dudes, I have totally started writing a Jon/Spencer fic in my head based on this XD
Tags: i was a vet in a former life, insomnia, sometimes i do stupid shit, tales of my riveting life

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