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The Doodles of Bessyboo

New York, New York, It's A Wonderful Town

7/1/08 12:35 am - New York, New York, It's A Wonderful Town

So, I'm in NYC. It's really a blast (and the apartment we're staying in is AMAZING) :)

I saw Eddie Izzard last night, which was TOTALLY amazing ^^ It's been a while since I laughed that hard for that long. I went with my "honorary uncle" Mark (who, coincidentally, is Peder G-H's real uncle), and we both had a really good time. Since we only had two tickets, and Summer would rather see a musical anyway, she and Dad went to "Altar Boyz", which they tell me was very good--it's a send-up of boybands and religion, so how can it go wrong?

We've got tickets to "In The Heights" on Wednesday, which just won the Tony for Best Musical, so that should be good. (When we were in NY last year, we saw "Spring Awakening", which won the Tony for Best Musical LAST year...am I sensing a pattern?) Then on Thursday, we have BACKSTAGE PASSES to "The Little Mermaid"...yes, you read that right. I AM SO EXCITED, GUYS. For serious. I am like, the HUGEST Disney freak, and I LOVE their stage shows, and ya'll KNOW how I love theatre, so Backstage Passes are like, HUGE. So yeah, I'm pretty psyched for that. (How we actually got tickets, let alone BS Passes (the show is sold out already for like, the next YEAR)--turns out ALAN FRIGGING MENKEN (Disney composer extrondinare/GOD) is a close family friend of my dad's girlfriend, so Dad just asked and Marisa called up "Uncle Alan", and BAM! VIP tickets ^^ Summer now hates her considerably less XD) We're also going to check out TCKTS tomorrow, and may end up going to a show tomorrow night or a Wednesday matinee.

We just went and saw "Wall•E" tonight, which was fun. It was more sweet and less funny than some of the other Pixar movies (a la "Finding Nemo"), but still good. I recommend it ^^ I also went and saw "Get Smart" with pandorarhene, queelez and tonparapluie at MoA on my birthday, and that was great too. So I recommend both.

I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff, but I'll try and update again later this week, purple-eyed creatures. Bye for now!

ETA: Almost forgot! Uncle Mark and I saw a TV actor waiting outside the bathroom at the Eddie Izzard show! He's the guy who plays the older lab tech on NCIS. So that was cool ^^
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