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Oh my god, oh my god you guys! (All this week, I've had butterflies!)

(Every time he looks at me, it's totally proposal eyes! *AHEM* I mean....uhm. XD Summer's had "Legally Blonde: The Search for the New Elle Woods" on BOTH the TV and computer like, constantly for the past couple days, and the songs really get to you! Someone save me! AHHH!)

ANYWAY. You guys. Seriously. IT'S MY LAST HALF HOUR OF LEGALLY BEING A MINOR. (Better go commit a crime now, huh? XD)

(Also, I just got back from Atlanta, and how messed up is it that it's totally hotter here than it was there?! Or it feels like it, at least. >.<)

So, since it's my birthday tomorrow...Study Group (+Graham)--let's go hang out at the mall! I wanna see a movie (Wall-E's coming out, and I think Get Smart is out now too, and I've heard Kung-Fu Panda is funny), and it's been AGES since we hung out at the mall. Graham, if you bring your laptop, I'll bring my iPod with all the stuff you want on it. (What IS all the stuff you want? You'll have to tell me.)

Sooo...y/y, guys? Tell me if you're coming. I'll call whoever doesn't respond here.

PS I'm totally going to have a party, but I'm leaving for New York on Sunday & not getting back until 7/7, so it's not going to be until like, the second week of July, and I'd like to do something ON my actual b-day.
Tags: i kind of hate the midwest, little sisters are pets--not family, major life events, ♥ the study group

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