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Graduation, etc....

So, my graduation party is today. In like, 45 minutes.(All you RL people better be there, BTW. Unless you already told me you weren't, in which still suck XP)

To be honest, I thought I'd have a much more difficult time wrapping my head around the fact that I'm now done with school. Possibly forever, but at least for the foreseeable future. And that's But I run that through my head, and it's just like, "yeah, okay, cool". Which is...I mean, I'm pretty sure it's sunk in by now, and it's exciting and all, but my brain seems to have, like, already processed it and moved on. It's kind of weird, because it's only been a couple weeks; I don't feel like I should be over it already, but I kind of am. *shrug* It's just a weird feeling.

ANYWAY, enough of that feelings crap! In other news, my laptop is STILL broken. I sent it back to Dell a while ago, and they fixed the mobo/heating issue, but didn't replace my HD, which is still shot :\ So I have to send it back AGAIN so they can replace the HD XD BUT, once all that is done, I will have a huge "concerts I have been to in the past couple months" recap post, with bad quality (cell phone) video & pics from MCR in Chicago on 4/17, and medium to good quality video & pics from Honda Civic (Panic/Hush Sound/etc.) on 5/27. So. Yay for that :)

In still OTHER news (back to the graduation thing, sort of), I'm 99% positive that my parents got me the DSLR I wanted for a graduation present, and I am SO EXCITED to start playing around and testing it out :DDDD I've really gotten into photography lately, and I find urban landscapes & people as backgrounds especially cool, but my absolute FAVORITE is night photography. It's just so...I don't even know. As somewhat of a life-long insomniac and a HUGE night owl, I've always loved the night, and I really love capturing images of things that can't be seen in the daylight., that sounds really pretentious XD But anyway, thus the reason for going with a Sony--for the built-in image stabilization technology, rather than getting a technically higher-quality (and more expensive) Canon or Nikon, which I'd have to buy special expensive image stabilization lenses for. So. Yeah. < / camera geekery >

Well, I'm off to make sure all the food is, ah, up to my standards (aka pick at all the yummy stuff). Later, purple-eyed creatures--see some of you soon!

ETA: Got over $400 in checks & cash as gifts, plus the camera I wanted (including all the accessories!) :D

ETA2: EVERYONE GO VISIT WWW.TOMFORKERY.COM RIGHT NOW! I'm going to make a more detailed post about it later, but for now, just check it out ;) (I designed it, of course ~.^)
Tags: introspection blah blah blah, major life events, my geekery: let me show you it

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