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School happenings & TV finales...

So, it's senior skip day. (Although technically, they have to call it "community immersion day"--immerse yourself in the local community...aka not in school! *eyeroll*) For me, that means sleeping until noon, and then spending the rest of the day on the computer, surrounded by snack food. Fun stuff :)

We pulled the senior prank the other day. Over 75 of us gathered in the hallway in the middle of the fourth floor at 1:45 (15 minutes before the end of school), and threw a huge dance party. Someone blasted a boombox, and people had party hats, silly string, confetti, streamers, cowbells, whistles, party blowers--the works. We paraded around the fourth floor until Scroggins told us that if we didn't take it outside, he would start taking names for Saturday School. The party continued outside in front of the steps after that until the buses started to leave. So, that was fun.

Also, earlier this week, apparently one guy was caught sucking another guy's dick in the 3rd floor bathrooms. Especially after what's-his-name got caught fingering his girlfriend under the lunch table earlier in the year, it would seem that the class of '08 cannot keep it in their pants. *eyeroll*

Lots of TV season finales this week.

House was...interesting. I didn't expect them to kill Amber, so that was kind of a shock. It definitely worked, though. It'll be interesting to see the House/Wilson interaction next season now. Although I'm pretty sure House is overestimating how mad Wilson is going to be--he friggin RISKED his LIFE for her with the brain surgery thing, I think Wilson gets that. Also, the writers obviously have decided that the whole "inside House's head" format works well for finales/ends of the season (Three Stories, No Reason, etc.). I don't disagree; I just hope they don't overuse it, because part of the reason it works so well is because it's something different.

As for Bones...*sobs* ZAAAAAAAACCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! That was totally, TOTALLY cruel on the part of the writers. They SAID he wasn't Gormagon, okay? THEY SAID THAT!!! AND THEN THEY MADE HIM GORMAGON'S APPRENTICE!!! That's just misleading. And MEAN. *pouts* BUT, the whole Zack tragedy aside, it really was a good episode. The Gormagon capture was OBVIOUSLY extremely rushed, due to the shortened season from the Writer's Strike, but given what they were working with, I'll forgive that. And have I mentioned how much I love Sweets? BECAUSE HAHAHA, I LOVE SWEETS XD He adds a great element to the show, and the dynamic between him, Booth and Brennan is really interesting. I can't wait to see what happens with his character next season.

The Office was great. So many shockers! (Which we knew there were going to be, but still.) I SO saw Jan's pregnancy from like, a MILE away. The surprising part was that the kid isn't Michael's. XD Ahaha, poor Michael. So, he's going to be, like, Jan's baby daddy (figuratively), or something? Ah, the drama that is Michael and Jan. Speaking of drama, RYAN GETTING ARRESTED!!! AHAHAHA!!!! The fact that it was A) for corporate fraud, not drugs, B) totally out-of-the-blue, and C) THEY SAW IT ON YOUTUBE basically make it one of those "priceless TV moments" XD The very best part of it, for me? JIM'S VOICEMAILS XD Jim, ILU ♥ SPEAKING of loving Jim....POOR PAM! "I really thought he was going to propose..." AND POOR JIM! WITH ANDY STEALING HIS THUNDER!!! AND ANGELA BEING ALL, WELL I SUPPOSE!!! DDD:! But the biggest shocker of the entire episode? THE VERY LAST SCENE!!! ANGELA AND DWIGGGGHHHHTTTT!!!! OMG. I think we all kind of knew that she wasn't really serious about the whole Andy thing, and still obviously loved Dwight, which was why I was so surprised that she said yes to Andy, but. !!!! THAT LAST SCENE!!!!! IT IS SO UN-ANGELA-LIKE!!! So. Basically, I can't WAIT for next season of TO, but what's new? XD

Supernatural was...good, not amazing. Mostly I kept waiting for them to save Dean, and then they DIDN'T, and he's in HELL, and it's all like, uhm, !!!??!?!??! So. My general verdict on the SPN finale? "Can't wait to see how they dig themselves out of THIS one...!" XD Also, the whole Lillith-taking-over-Ruby's-body thing? Does that mean Ruby's gone? Or do they just have to get a new actress to play her next season?

I've also been watching Women's Murder Club, has anyone else? It's pretty good, I think, but I enjoy crime dramas & procedurals, so. Given the very unsure state of its renewal, I thought it was gutsy of them to end it on a cliffhanger, but...*shrug*

Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy are downloading as I type this, so I'll let you know what I think after I've watched them.

I think that's pretty much it. PANIC CONCERT TUESDAY!!! :DDDD

Later, purple-eyed creatures ^^
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