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Current Events + Fic = THE BUNNIES, THEY *SLAY* ME!!! WOE :(

For those of you who are blind, deaf, dumb, AND living under a rock (or, you know, just very very uninformed)...

I really, REALLY wanna see fic now where...
  • upon hearing this, Pete attempts to drag Patrick out to (very publicly) get married (SRSLY THIS IS THE VERY VERY FIRST THING I THOUGHT OF WHEN I HEARD ABOUT THE COURT RULING XDDDD)
  • after getting drunk one night in LA, Jon & Spencer accidentally get married (okay, it's been done with a million other couples, BUT I STILL LOVE THESE FICS, OKAY? and it's another excuse to write one)
  • Gerard gets all excited and preachy, and is all, "Lyn-Z! Can I pleeeeease go to California and marry Frankie? I'm trying to make a point! ...I swear you can have him back when I'm done, Jamia!" XD
  • Gabe actually attempts to marry his whole band, and refuses to take "polygamy" as an excuse for why he can't XD "But I'm totally allowed to marry the guys too now, like, legally, right? So what's the problem?!"

Bandom has eaten my BRAINZ, guys >.>
Tags: !! not!fic, !bandom, i'm totally a well-informed citizen, the bunnies are eating my brain!

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