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In Econ Class...

Soooo, I'm here in Econ HL (4th period) with solar__eclipse and John. We are doing NOTHING, as usual. Except we're doing even MORE nothing (or less?) than usual, because Mr. Cherin isn't here, and so Ellen and Renee and Will are attempting to lead a semi-intelligent discussion.

...okay, they've stopped now. They are now making shadow puppets on the overhead. *eyeroll*


...I love this class, dude. Even if Will is being a douche and shooting staples at me (and other people).

I cannot WAIT to get home and watch all of the TV episodes from this past week that I downloaded last night. I saw the tail end of The Office and Supernatural, and now I really want to see both of them. And all the rest. That I downloaded. It will be awesome.

You know why I haven't seen any TV this week? BECAUSE IT'S TECH WEEK!!! AND TONIGHT IS OPENING NIGHT!!!!! SO, all you Twin Cities peeps better be there. It's gonna be AWESOME ^^ LAST DRAMA BOARD SHOW, WOE :( But next year = professional theater = FUCK YES :D

Sooo...I gotta go to lunch now. Later, purple-eyed creatures!

PS Sorry for the lack of MCR concert update :/ All my pictures and vids and stuff are on my phone, and my laptop is still broken, and I don't have another bluetooth-enabled computer available to me. SO! It's still coming (very late) as soon as my computer gets fixed :)

PPS Prom tomorrow! The corset that fits came yesterday, and it looks sweet ^^
Tags: high school ≠ best time of your life, i was meant for the stage, i watch too much tv

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