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...I totally just accidentally skipped school today.

NO, I SWEAR, I REALLY DIDN'T MEAN TO, OKAY?! I just...woke up at like 7:30, realized it was another late start, and so I went back to sleep, but NOT BEFORE SETTING AN ALARM FOR 9:30!!!

...except those of you who know me well know that I have a tendency to sleep through alarms. Like, including fire and tornado XD So you can probably guess what happened. >.<

Next thing I know, I'm waking up, and it's 1:40, and so I've only got 20 minutes of school left and all my classes are over and I'm too embarrassed to just go show my face for rehearsal, even though I probably should since I'm going to be gone tomorrow and Friday for MCR! (Notes to self: call Kopp-Reddy. Make sure armchair is ready to be picked up. Finalize large vehicle situation for Friday for props crew. MAKE SURE PAINTERS DON'T GET FURTHER BEHIND SCHEDULE--Mother's house first, Prostitute's house next, BAR LAST!!! Make sure appliance wagon gets painted black before appliances come in on Friday.)

SO! This brings us to the bandom portion of this post ^^ Now, as I've mentioned before, pandorathene and I are leaving for Chicago tomorrow morning to see MCR tomorrow night. I know a TON of other bandom peeps are going. SO! NEW BANDOM-Y FRIENDS!!! RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU'RE GOING TO MCR IN CHICAGO TOMORROW NIGHT!!! leave me a comment, so we can make plans to meet up!

Theater-related side note: As excited as I am for this concert, it could not have possibly come at a worse time for the show I'm working on. (Well, maybe tech week, but then I wouldn't be going, so it's irrelevant.) The painters are FINALLY starting this week, and it is absolutely VITAL that they stay on schedule now so Nelson doesn't get any pissier than he already is. The props crew is FINALLY picking up the large props (two armchairs--including one from my house--a table, a fridge, a stove, and possibly a bench) on Friday, and I really wish I could be there to help direct where things should go once they get them onto the stage. However, I can't, so I'm just going to have to trust KR (my co-Tech Director) to run stuff.

Alright, time to go binge on ice cream and ignore all the play- and school-related stress in my life XD Later, purple-eyed creatures.
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