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Hey guys, I know I haven't updated recently but...I JUST ORDERED MY PROM DRESS (/outfit)!!!!! Top/Bottom, and I think I MIGHT order these shoes in black, although my sister and aviria will probably insist on me getting heels, since I'm so short. WhatEVER, I LIKE the ballet slippers, okay?! I'm going for a little bit of a "Helena-from-the-MCR-music-vid" look, but with purple as an accent instead of red, and not quite so ripped up.

OMG, DUDE, SPEAKING OF MCR!!! pandorathene and I? GOING TO CHICAGO NEXT THURSDAY TO SEE THEM LIVE!!! I am so psyched, guys :DDD My dad, by an awesome coincidence, happens to be headed out to Chicago for a business thing THAT VERY DAY, so he's going to drive us out there Thursday morning, and then when we get there in the afternoon we'll go to the hotel, change, meet up with some other fangirls, and then go get in line for the concert. We already bought our tickets online weeks ago, and we'll get to meet up with other LJ peeps, and we get to stay in an actual BED in my dad's hotel room because he's awesome and can get his work to pay for stuff like a double room, and we'll get back the next day by bus and we'll miss two days of school, and have I mentioned HOW INCREDIBLY PSYCHED I AM?!??! Because I totally am. *nods*


I'm going with my awesomely amazing (or amazingly awesome?) gayBI friend Graham, aka queelez. He's probably going to dress in 18th or 19th century fancy dress. Yay for theatre geekery! It's going to be AWESOME ^___^

So. I just felt I should say how incredibly excited I am. And you know, update, so you guys didn't think I DIED or something XD

Oh, and bandom is totally my new (kind of) main fandom :) (But don't worry, if you are--Wincest and Padmoon will both always have a special place in my heart ~.^)

In conclusion: YAYZ!!!! :DDD *skips around and throws confetti at all the purple-eyed creatures*

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