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Oh, FanFiction.Net....

Wow. I had (sort of) forgotten how truly bad FF.N is, especially in the HP area. I mean....well. And then I just saw this, and really, I mean...REALLY?! I just couldn't *not* share XD

"Harry Potter and the Daughter of the Enemy
AU Voldemort has a daughter, and teaches her. He sends her to Hogwarts to bring him Harry. But she secretly refuses, and while helping Harry she falls in love. And he falls in return. But in order to stop Voldemort, she must sacrifice.
Complete - Harry Potter - Fiction Rated: T - English - Romance/Tragedy - Chapters: 13 - Words: 32,972 - Reviews: 20 - Updated: 11-8-07 - Published: 8-4-07" [Page Link] [Image Link]

Srsly, guys. I couldn't MAKE THIS SHIT UP XD


In other news, I went home sick today after throwing up during Econ. (Don't worry; I'm mostly okay now.) And sleeping through Advisory and School Service in Rita's office too, actually. (Rita's the school nurse. She knows me by name and waves and says hi whenever she sees me. I love her; she's awesome.) With permission even, *gasp*! What, Bess isn't skipping class?! I know, I know.

Frankly, I was all too happy to get out of my huge ToK presentation I was supposed to do 5th hour today, which I was so, SO not ready for. So, you know, convenient and all.

Okay, I should probably go finish off the prep work for that presentation (which is now on Wednesday) :/ Ta, purple-eyed creatures!
Tags: !harry potter, fandom is amusing, high school ≠ best time of your life, illness/injuries, oh woe is me, tales of my riveting life, yay procrastination!

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