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Unorthodox Homework Help...

Okay guys, I'm in need of some serious assistance here.

So I'm taking summer school health and gym to get them out of the way, right? And we've got this assignment for health class to write down 100 goals that we'd like to accomplish in our lives. Yeah, that's right, FOR HEALTH CLASS. This is what I get for taking summer school, I suppose. Anyway, I've got like 30, and I'm having trouble coming up with more. They can be about just about anything, but they can't be too repetitive. (BTW, as tempting as it is, the jokes apparently need to be kept to a minimum...I've kind of already exhausted that alley...)

  1. Fall in love (mutually).
  2. Lead a successful career.
  3. Become a graphic designer (paid).
  4. Be professionally active in the New York theatre scene.
  5. Go to art school.
  6. Live in a big city.
  7. Graduate from high school.
  8. Become a BNF (any fandom).
  9. Get one of my designs printed (t-shirt/sweatshirt).
  10. Get a permanent LJ account. (check!)
  11. Successfully murder my younger sister.
  12. Become friends with Paris Hilton and Martha Stewart in jail (after being convicted of murdering younger sister; see above).
  13. Break a world record.
  14. Produce the Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki sex tape.
  15. Produce the sequel (see previous).
  16. Create a successful network TV show.
  17. Sleep for 4 days straight.
  18. Stay awake for 4 days straight.
  19. Eat an entire Cafe Latte "Chocolate Chocolate" cake by myself.
  20. Own a lime green convertible VW bug.
  21. Own the boxed set of all 6 Star Wars DVDs.
  22. Own the boxed set of all 7 Harry Potter DVDs (once released).
  23. Own all 7 Harry Potter books in hardcover.
  24. Own all 7 Harry Potter books in paperback.
  25. Own all seasons of Bones, Supernatural, Arressted Development, Veronica Mars, Heroes, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Alias, Friends, Gilmore Girls, Dark Angel, Firefly, Wonderfalls, The Office (US and UK), Grey's Anatomy, CSI, Scrubs, Justice League, Queer as Folk (US), House, The O.C., One Tree Hill, Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Monk, Six Feet Under, Dead Like Me, Farscape, Doctor Who (2005), Torchwood, and any other TV shows I may like on DVD (in boxed set if available).
  26. Finish and post a fanfic that is 2000+ words.
  27. Become a Power User+ on
  28. Become a meat millionaire in the Kingdom of Loathing.
  29. Get 100GB+ of credits on
  30. Cook/bake something without the use of the microwave, toaster oven, or mixes/pre-prepared meals that is actually edible.
  31. Go to midnight showings of all the Harry Potter movies.
  32. Go to midnight parties for all the Harry Potter books.
  33. Become rich enough to finance all the other goals.
  34. Never have children.
  35. Own an exotic pet.
  36. Create/found a software company to rival Bill Gates, based on open-source principles.
  37. Keep in touch with old school friends (not just through dorky monthly dinners)
  38. Create a new word that is regularly used in normal conversation.
  39. Buy the rights to Harry Potter.
  40. Bring back chocolate frogs (the candy).
  41. Get my learner's permit.
  42. Get my driver's liscence.
  43. Teach someone HTML.
  44. Become fluent in binary
  45. Become fluent in Java.
  46. Become fluent in C++.
  47. Become fluent in Perl.
  48. Become fluent in a non-computer based language.
  49. Live in Canada.
  50. Live in Australia.
  51. Live in England.
  52. Live in a foreign country.
  53. Blow up something smaller than a breadbox (safely).
  54. Blow up something larger than a breadbox (safely).
  55. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  56. Ride on a hang glider/parasailer.
  57. Learn self-defense.
  58. Start a fandom.
  59. Rule a small country.
  60. Creat a [useful] invention.
  61. Patent previously-mentioned invention.
  62. Write a book.
  63. Learn how to use every single feature and tool of Photoshop.
  64. Get the most recent version of Paint Shop Pro.
  65. Work on two theater productions at a time (successfully).

Any other ideas? I'm desperate here, guys. This is like, a third of my grade, and I've gotta hand it in on Monday...HELP!

In other news, I totally just broke out in hives all over my right arm, and we have absolutely no idea why. Can't figure it out. Huh. Whatever. *scratches idly at arm* *puts on more antihistamine cream*

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