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Talent Show thing...

Yeah!!! It's FINALLY Spring Break! I'm so happy! (Not that you purple-eyed creatures would care...)

I am sitting here, cuddling my cuddly cat, [King] Henry. He's an adorably round (OK, fat), charcoal gray Tom Cat. He's got a dandruff problem, so I'm brushing him (which is making it difficult to type...>.<)

Anyhoo, Green Griffin and I made it to State History Day! But our judges gave us crappy evaluations...oh well.

Hmmm...thinking...oh yeah, I teched the Talent Show thing the other night, so I saw the "rock band". They were OK. It was "Bobby" on Vocals/Guitar, "Maisie's Boyfriend" (not Bobby!) on lead guitar, Logic Boy(from my math class! remember?) on bass guitar, and Mop Head on Drums. They did "Burn" and "Hell Song", except Mrs.L put "Heck Song" on the program. Hehehe.

And guess who wandered on over to the tech table right at the end? Yup, you guessed it, PORCUPINE HEAD. I asked him why he was over there later, and he said that he was worried I would screw with the volume, and turn the rock band down (he's good friends with at least two of those guys). Please. I told him, "Please, it's not like I just listen to Classical music all day! I'm not boring ALL the time." And he was all, "Well, I wasn't sure..." Jerk. I made him help with tear down.

Well, Aviria is dying for me to post this (I'm talking with her on Windows Messenger), so I might as well.


Tags: i talk about geno too much, old code names make me laugh, techies do it better

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