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If there're any religious Christians reading this, please don't take offense; none is meant. #

Happy deathbirthday, zombie!Jesus!
There. Happy now, guys? XP

Seriously, Easter is like, the dumbest* weirdest holiday ever. (Well, widely-accepted/celebrated holiday, I mean.) I mean, "yay, Jesus was brutally murdered; let's hide colored eggs and eat candy"? Dude, WTF? Not to mention the Santa-like GIANT RABBIT that hides these colored eggs...? I'm just not seeing the connection here. Please, someone correct me if I'm way off.

Yeah, yeah, I know, it's not ABOUT the religious aspect--it's been merged into American culture as a secular celebration of spring, yada yada. But then why even bother tying it back to the religious event at ALL? It's just stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid...

*sigh* I'm not really in the mood (nor have I had enough sleep--by which I mean ANY sleep) to go on one of my "religion is responsible for the majority of evils in the world" rants, so I think I'll just leave this here for now. I may come back an add more later, if the fancy strikes me.

On a different note, I've been working my butt off for the Central Drama Board spring production. We're doing "You Can't Take It With You", by Kaufman & Hart, and I'm the Stage Manager + Double Assistant Technical Director (3rd Tech Dir). So. That's been keeping me busy. For those you in the St. Paul better come see it, bitchez! ~.^ It should be good. (Also, last year's production of Romeo & Juliet: UNABRIDGED!, starring a foreign exchange hottie and a girl who barely had her lines memorized by tech week shouldn't be hard to top...>.<)

For those interested, here's my design submission for the production logo: V.1 Apparel | Publication V.2 Apparel | Publication V.3 Apparel | Publication ... Any comments/feedback would be welcomed & greatly appreciated. (For those REALLY curious, you can check out all of my past logo submissions here. None of mine have ever been selected for the final logo, including the band one.)

Welllll...that's about it. Oh, I got a account recently--can you guess who I am? Yeah, bessyboo, big shocker, har har. Flist, if you leave your username, I'll add you to my network. ^^

And THAT'S it. Peace out, purple-eyed creatures!

# Well, none is meant personally, at least; I suppose a certain amount of offense is directed towards the whole religion, and indeed, the broader concept of religion in general, but...ugh, I'm too sleep deprived to try and make any more sense out of my ramblings. Just...I still ♥ you all, even if you disagree with what I'm saying, so please don't yell, kay? Kay. OKAY -.-"

* Upon further consideration, I have decided that Valentine's Day is DEFINITELY stupider than Easter. Ugh, don't even get me started on THAT rant...just check out any of the posts I've made in past years on Valentine's Day, LOL. Should give you a good idea of how I feel about it...

PS OMG I UPDATED!!! *gaspshock*

PPS I really need to make myself a moodtheme one of these days...

PPPS Remember how I said I'd post some of my photos a couple entries back? You can see 'em here.
Tags: holidays make me ranty/gleeful/thinky/?, i was meant for the stage, photography is the shit, religion (i have thoughts about it.)

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