Bessyboo, Queen of the Purple-Eyed Creatures (bessyboo) wrote,
Bessyboo, Queen of the Purple-Eyed Creatures

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Dean/Windigo is the new best ship ever.


  • Dear Festividder 2019

    FESTIVIDS TIME IS UPON US AGAIN!!!! < Dr. Burns fingers > MOST excellent. The short version is: WHOO VIDS \o/ I AM EXCITED TO SEE WHAT YOU…

  • Dear Festividder

    What is this???? A post on this journal that isn’t an ITPE letter??!!! No, it’s…another exchange letter, lmao. I’m not branching THAT far out. The…

  • here it goes here it goes here it goes again (duh nuh nah nuh nuh)

    Something something I'm very tired and you know the drill by now. Usual spiel: HI, I'M THE MOD, SO THIS IS A LITTLE DIFFERENT FROM NORMAL…

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