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The Doodles of Bessyboo

Costume Shopping, Icon Affiliates, and Wish List...

10/28/05 11:29 pm - Costume Shopping, Icon Affiliates, and Wish List...

So Sarah (Kopp-Ready, Head of Costumes for Anything Goes) and I went costume shopping today, and had a freaking BLAST. It was SO much fun. We went to Ragstock, where we got a bunch of old prom dresses for ladies on board and accessories (like fake pearls and sailor hats), plus a few other things (nightgown for Reno, underwear & top for Bonnie, etc). Then we hung out at McDonalds for longer than we probably should have XD Well, we just got involved in our conversation! Can you blame us? Anyway, so we headed over to Joanne Fabrics, where we went fabric-crazy ~.^ Sarah's actually sewing ALL of the dresses for all six Angels, plus two out of three of Reno's dresses, so we needed a LOT of stuff! Our grand totals? $100 @ Ragstock and nearly $300 @ Joanne Fabrics O.o Yeah, a lot, I know XD Luckily, it's all out of the Drama Board treasury, which is ridiculously large, so we can afford it ^^ We've still got over $400 in our tentative budget left for costumes. Anyway, all around a good and successful trip. Oh, and stelvani drove us there, because, uh, HE HAS HIS LICENSE NOW. WHICH FREAKING ROCKS. Yesh.

Now, Summer and I are going to open sister__art pretty soon, so be sure to friend it, and all ~.^ Also, purple-eyed creatures with icon journals/communities are totally welcome to affiliate (since you're already on my flist)--just ask me here or there ^^

That should be all for now...shall post my list for the whole "wish list" meme tomorrow. Night, purple-eyed creatures!
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