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RE: Life

So. I'm really sorry I haven't been around much, life has been...busy.

For those of you who were worried about me from this post, it's all sorted itself out. Things have basically returned to normal now, and you need not worry any longer ~.^

NOW...why haven't I been around practically AT ALL since then? Several reasons that can be summed up with the letters: RL. For those of you who don't know, I'm the Assistant Technical Director of Central's fall musical, Anything Goes (so all of you who I know in RL better come to our performances!), so I've got rehearsal + stage crew stuff every day afterschool until at LEAST four, and then tutoring & homework, and THEN chores etc., so...yeah. PLUS, on top of ALL of that my laptop's broken, so as long as it's in the shop, I can't get on basically whenever Summer (thesploggyist) is home AND can't stay on too late (because it's harder to run into my room from the computer room quickly than hide my laptop under the covers), so...all this comes down to is very little computer time. And also that I have no access to my email.

SO...I'd really like to keep talking to all of you while my laptop's in shop, so feel free to leave cell numbers. I've screened comments for your security. If you reply with your number, I'll give you mine.

As a peace offering for all this offline time, I give you all the icons I've made for the ultimate_lims competition, which haven't been publicly released at my art journal yet.

WHICH reminds me! This also serves as a teaser for my new icon community with Summer, sister__art! If you'd like to affiliate, just ask me about it. (And yes, this does mean that I'm abandoning artistbynight.)

So, here's the icons/advertisement-preview/peace offering:

From newest to oldest:

1// 2// 3// 4// 5//
6// 7// 8// 9// 10// 11//

Soo....that's about it. Laters, purple-eyed creatures!

Oh, PS- I changed my layout for those of you that haven't noticed. And yes, don't worry, it's only temporary, until I can get an S2 layout together for myself.

AND and and-PPS- My extra userpics have expired. So I'm back to fifteen :( Woe. Anyone feel like being extra generous/nice/awesomely awesome and buying me more? ...Please?
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