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Yes, it's another Katrina post. Deal.

I know I haven't updated in forever, but I'll explain later. Right now, I have to address the "disaster at hand". Literally.

I just wanted to first say that for those of you who are aware that I have cousins in southern Louisana that I'm close to--they're okay. Their dad and grandma (my half uncle and step grandma) stayed in their town (against our better judgment -.-), but their mom took the kids [Kayla, Caleb and Cassie] to Arkansas (I think she's got relatives there). Luckily, though, everyone's okay (although there was an uncomfortably close incident with a tree and Grandma Peggy's house :\). So they're all fine.

Unfortunately, New Orleans isn't. People are saying that the city will never be the same. I'm glad the French Quarter is going to be okay, since that's where we stayed when we were there just in June, and it's beautiful and historic, but the rest of the city....Merlin. I'm glad that I got to see it before Katrina.

Anyway, not everyone was as lucky as my family. Billions of dollars of damage was caused, and thousands of people are now without homes, and are starving in temporary shelters with no running water. There's looting, rape, murder--it's truly a nightmare. I know everyone's saying it, but I've just got agree: IF THERE IS ANY WAY FOR YOU TO DONATE, PLEASE DO. IT CAN BE IN MONETARY FORM, OR YOU COULD DONATE FOOD OR SUPPLIES TO ONE OF THE THOUSANDS OF DRIVES THAT ARE GOING ON, BUT WHATEVER YOU DO, PLEASE, TRY AND HELP OUT.

If you can't do ANYTHING else, at LEAST comment on one of these "1$ a comment" posts:

  • Post 1 by shadbolt75 -- He's already reached his limit, but this was the original one of these posts, and the comments still continue to flood in.
  • Post 2 by squirrelgirl22 -- She hasn't quite reached her limit yet, but she's only about 100 comments away, so get your comment in while you can!
  • Post 3 by meinnim -- She's almost reached her limit as well, but it never hurts to add another comment! She says she's reached her limit now, but you can still feel free to comment!
  • Post 4 by errantpenny -- She's not sure when she's going to cap it and stop the comments, so go ahead and comment away!

Other links:

  • shiggity can get your donation tripled by her employer. Comment/donate here.
  • indilime has been posting updates about what it's been like having to deal with Katrina first-hand.
  • cleolinda has been constantly updating with helpful & interesting Katrina-related links.

Some contrasting views:

Feel free to comment with links for me to add. Much ♥ to everyone.

(My next post will be my ginormous "End of the Summer" post, with shitloads of pictures, so stay tuned!)

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