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The Doodles of Bessyboo

Phone Post:

7/15/05 05:46 am - Phone Post:

1104K 5:00
“(See below.)”

Transcribed by: bessyboo

bessyboo: Okay...hi, purple-eyed creatures; this is bessyboo (and aviria), and we're here--

aviria (in background): (giggles)

bessyboo: Shut up, D. Oh my gawd.

aviria (in background): (laughing) You sound like a--

bessyboo: Shut up! And we're here in Barnes and Nobel, and it's like...like--

aviria (in background): Nine...

bessyboo: Yeah--no...not even eight! And it's--and we're waiting for Half-Blood Prince, um, at midnight...yeah--

aviria (in background): Duh, what else would we be doing?

bessyboo: (laughs) Shut up, D!

aviria (in background): (laughs)

bessyboo: --And nobody else has showed up yet, um...and...but we already went to Cub and like, bought snacks and caffeine, and everything, so...yeah, and so we're pretty bored, but...Frank's coming! I mean, stelvani, so--shut up! Stop hitting me! Anyway, aviria's here and wants to talk.

aviria: Okay, so yeah, we're waiting here, and ALL DAY I've been spazzing out SO BAD--like, I had to be slapped, it was sad.

bessyboo (in background): (laughs)

aviria: And Bess is laughing; she's a little bitch--

bessyboo (in background): (laughing) Shut up!

aviria: Just kidding. And...and we got food, like gummy bears, and nerds, and...chocolate stuff...I'm not too crazy about chocolate. I mean, it's good and all, but, like...I dunno. I like fruity stuff better. Yeah. So--Jesus Christ...

bessyboo (in background): You got gummy bears AND gummy snakes? Dang...

aviria: They're not gummy snakes, Bess, they're gummy worms.

bessyboo (in background): Gummy WORMS, whatever.

aviria: There's a complete difference!

bessyboo (in background): Snakes, worms, THEY LOOK THE SAME! At least in--

aviria: Only one has ridges and the other doesn't... And there's no such thing as gummy snakes! (laughs)

bessyboo (in background): Whatever, you can call the ones without ridges gummy snakes.

aviria: Shut up, Be--

(both laugh)

aviria: Yeah...and so, we're sitting here in Barnes and Nobel, like in a corner, where we usually go. And like, when we sat down, like, there was this book out of place, and guess which book it was! The magical world of Harry Potter: a treasury of myths, legends, and fascinating facts, by...David Colburt. Isn't that CRAZY weird? It just, like, a SIGN...

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