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HP Meme!

(stolen from junerbug)

Whats your one true pairing?R/Hr!!!!!!!!
What (if any) other ships do you ship?H/G, R/S
what do you think of Ron/Hermione?Um, DUH
what do you think of Harry/Ginny?Totally, man ;)
what do you think of Harry/Hermione?AHHHH SQUICK
what do you think of Harry/Luna?Highly disklike, though am very afraid it will happen in canon...
what do you think of Draco/Luna?...Interesting. Not bad, not good--interesting.
what do you think of Draco/Hermione?NO.
what do you think of Draco/Ginny? NOT get me started.
what do you think of Harry/Draco?Only in fanon. It doesn't squick me when people write H/D FF, but know it's not canonical. However, whenever I meet a canon!H/D afraid. Be VERY afraid.
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
who do you think is the half blood prince?Um....Fluffy?
who do you think will die?Dumbledore. Or Hagrid. But either way, it'll happen at the end of the book.
do you ever read HP fanfiction?Since fifth grade ~.^
do you ever write HP fanfiction?Occasionally. I beta more than I write.
do you write HP fanfiction alot?I beta a lot...
are you obsessed with writing HP fanfiction?Most definitely.
Other stuff
on a scale of 1-10, how obsessed are you?11
how many times have you read Sorcerers Stone?20+
Chamber of secrets?Only about 7 >.>
Prisoner of Azkaban?10-15
Goblet of Fire?12-ish
Order of the Phoenix?Only 3 times actually IN ORDER, but if you count up all the times I've read a part here, a part there, until I've read the whole thing...around 17.
how long did it take you to read Order of the Phoenix?A week, because I had to share one copy with the rest of my family >.<
do you own more than one copy of any of the books?Yes'm
Do you have any Harry Potter computer games?All three *^^*
do you own any of the Harry Potter movies?All three!

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