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The Doodles of Bessyboo

Phone Post:

6/16/05 04:57 pm - Phone Post:

451K 2:15
“(See below.)”

Transcribed by: bessyboo

bessyboo: Greetings, purple-eyed creatures! I am here at my dad's going away party from his office, because he's going to be a professor at the university, in the law division, next september...or whatever. SO. I get to sit here with...my mother, and...Summer, and...LOTS AND LOTS of lawyers, of varying ages, and in varying degrees of fancy suits. SO. REAL fun. Heh. Yeah, um, it's boring as hell here, but, I figure that if I can just talk at you guys for a while, and blab on and on endlessly, it might, you know, relieve some of the boredom, and make me have to do the whole, "yes, I'm Prentiss's daughter, blah blah blah" thing. Bleaaaghch. (laughs) Eeehh, SO BORED...wow, this is such a pointless post. Okay, I'm bored. Bleagch. Too many people here. I'm gonna find Summer, where did she go? Oh, typical, she's talking on dad's cell phone...Wait, where did she...never mind--oh, there she is! Summer! Say something.

thesploggyist: Ah, okay, hi! Who's that?

bessyboo: My livejournal. Phone post.

thesploggyist: Wait! No, I wanna see it again!

bessyboo: Okay--

thesploggyist: LAAAAAAAAAAlalalaaa hello.

bessyboo: Okay, that was...that was Summer. Yeah. She's...obviously...Summer. (laughs) Alright, I should stop this. See ya'll later, purple-eyed creatures.
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