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I can't be on long, but this was too good not to update about...

Well, for like, ONCE, Valentines Day may *actually* be interesting.

See, on Friday night, I got this call, which went like this:

(guy's voice): Hello, is Bess there?
Me: This is Bess...
(guy): Um, hi. You don't know me, but my name's Johnathon. I have a friend who goes to Central, and he wanted to know what your locker number is.
Me: Uh, why?
Johnathon: Because, you know, Monday's Valentine's Day, and all?
Me: (stunned) Uh, I don't really use my locker...
Johnathon: Er, okay, I'll tell him that then...

!!!!! So now I'm all OMG DUDE WTF WHO IS IT??? And yes. Oh god, just please don't let it be Andres...


ETA: I found out it *is* him. *sigh* Oh well. While that is dissapointing, it's not really...surprising, or anything...

ETA2: My GOD, could you people use capital letters, at the very least?! I mean, please!

And for anyone wondering, no this is NOT going to be friend-locked, OR private-locked. It is staying public.
Tags: high school ≠ best time of your life, i should probably f-lock things more, my life: so crazy, oh the drama, tales of my riveting life, things have changed for me

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