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::whispers:: Hi purple-eyed creatures! This entry will probably be really short, because as soon as Mom comes in and finds out that I haven't finished math, this entry will come to an abrupt end...

Anyhoo, Aviria slept over at my house last night, which was cool. All yesterday afternoon, me, Avi, and Stel hung out at HarMar, and last night me and A were talking on the phone with Stel, and guess what I found out!!!! Wait...on second thought, I don't wanna have to lock this entry, so Midnight, Gini, Mary-L, Cat, and any other friends who are interested can ask me later. If A and S are OK with it...teehee...

Let's see...nommuch has happened lately, other than what I found out last night...

Cat and I turned in our History Day Project! And Mr.S said it looked really nice, and that we should submit it to Kare 11 to see if they would play it...:D. That means we're going to get a good grade, which is happiful.

Well, must go to study group. More later. Ta.

Tags: jr. high really sucks, oh the drama, things have changed for me, yay procrastination!, ♥ the study group


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